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    D o L v 6 kills 1 hour, 57 minutes and 5 seconds
    Bryan1#$ 5 kills 2 hours, 52 minutes and 55 seconds
    Pizza Johns Pizza 2 kills 41 minutes and 23 seconds
    Duke 1 kill 57 minutes and 55 seconds
    GP Lactose:) 1 kill 4 hours, 56 minutes and 56 seconds
    Leon Intergalactico® 1 kill 1 hour, 5 minutes and 43 seconds
    /-/ypeR Lthl Vector #MIA 0 kills 4 hours, 56 minutes and 24 seconds
    Ayy 0 kills Less than a minute
    GP Chew ҉Bคcc'Â_Tคc0҉ 0 kills 18 minutes and 52 seconds
    GP xCloud420x 0 kills 30 minutes and 49 seconds
    GravewalkerXIV 0 kills 1 hour, 22 minutes and 55 seconds
    REEF 0 kills 4 hours, 59 minutes and 30 seconds
    GP [blur] -1 kills 4 minutes and 38 seconds
    minon -1 kills 8 minutes and 2 seconds
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    # Nickname Score Time Played
    GP keaton 0 kills 1 minute and 21 seconds
    Ocean. 0 kills 31 minutes and 15 seconds
    noukarin 0 kills 32 minutes and 24 seconds
    Bo -1 kills 27 minutes and 14 seconds
    GP Matt -1 kills 4 minutes and 4 seconds
    Komrade Kalm -1 kills Less than a minute
    Wafflesfulls -1 kills 41 minutes and 7 seconds
    02lydibug -3 kills 11 minutes and 53 seconds
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    bman WPH.Shadow 1 kill 25 minutes and 37 seconds
    | GP | Who Dat NATION 0 kills 2 hours, 3 minutes and 1 second
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    • I don't know exactly how Macrodox works, but is it possible it was a macro or does that count as a script?
    • Since no one seems to want to reply to this, you were banned by Macrodox, a bhop cheat detection plugin   L 09/12/2019 - 18:48:09: [macrodox.smx] NeSSy<184><[U:1:15727840]><> Avg: 20.394060/240.463577 Perf: 0.379033 ba_jail_campus_2011_final -5419.892089 6887.404785 208.592193 Last: 21 4 24 22 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 14 8 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21 pat1   It saw that you had a consistent pattern of 21 "+jump"s per jump, meaning you had a very consistent bhop (more than likely scripting).
    • Idk what songs your using or their size, but aside from converting them to mono you can lower the bitrate. 128 bit rate should be the max you use but it will still sound relatively good quality in 90 kbps.
    • True, but mono is gross 😎 
    • I just remembered if you put your audio tracks in mono instead of stereo it saves a lot of data too.
    • Ill miss your gp member tag on tring. I know youll still play on jb. Still see you around. Glad your not leaving the game. 
    • General Rules A1) Respect all players, harrasment will NOT tollerated
      A2) RDM is not allowed
      A3) Minge is not allowed
      A4) Propclimb is not allowed
      A5) Propblock is not allowed
      A6) Do not try and find a loophole in the rules
      A7) RP in spawn is not allowed unless you're running through it in an RP situation
      A8) DO NOT be racist or offensive to other players/staff, racism is a giant no-no.
      A9) Vulgarity in the OOC will not be tollerated,
      A10) Do not bind multiple different adverts to one message, you will be asked to change it. (Ex: raid/mug/heist/bank raid/kidnap)(False/Over is fine)A11) Do not incite other players to break the rules
      A12) Do not use staff chat for general questions, ask people in OOC or the forums
      A13) Do not call staff constantly. Spamming admin chat will have you kicked/banned   Default Laws Default laws are laws that apply at ALL times,
      Do not attack or assault anyone except in self-defence.
      All guns are illegal unless you own a gun license.
      Do not steal or break into people's homes.
      Money printers/bitminers and drugs are illegal.
      Drugs are illegal. (cigarette and alcohol are not illegal).
      Being past the 2nd door in PD is AOS.   Blacklisted laws
                 Laws that are prohibited
      Any law regarding ‘Jaywalking’.
      Any KOS laws are not allowed.
      Any law relating to one group of people.
      Any law that breaks a server rule.
      Any law that is aimed at disrespecting a group or an individual.
      Any law that hinders roleplay heavily.
      Remember, staff have final say. If a staff member asks you to remove a law, remove it. If you feel the said staff member is wrong, you may file a report on the forums.   Terminology/Guidelines
      Bold text are prohibited actions. RDM - Random Death Match, when someone kills you with no valid RP reason.
      You are an officer and see a thief with an illegal gun, you shoot him on sight without any attempt to arrest, this is a case of RDM. RDA - Random Arrest, when someone arrests you with no valid RP reason.
      Before arresting someone, they must be breaking the Default RP laws seen below CDA - Car Death Match, when someone kills you with a car with no valid RP reason.
      Driving down a street, you run over someone, this is a case of CDA
      A player is shooting at you while in your car and you run him over, this is NOT a case of CDA LTAP - Leave to avoid punishment, leaving to avoid a punishment given by staff.
      Does this need explaining? FDA - Fading door abuse, Abusing the use of your fading door bind to open and close a fading door during a raid, or in an RP situation Propblock - Blocking an areas without a way to get in using a lock-pick/keypad-cracker Propclimb - Using props to get on places you cannot normally get to KOS = Kill On Sight AOS = Arrest On Sight Roleplay Rules NLR = New Life Rule   B1) Max mug is $5,000 and you must wait 5 minutes between mugs.
      B2) Raiding cooldown is 15 minutes, but you cannot raid the same person again within 25 minutes
      B3) Raiding time is 10 minutes, you may only raid a base for 10 minutes at a time, then your 15 minute cooldown will start.
      B4) Carjack cooldown is 10 minutes, you may only steal a car every 10 minutes
      B5) You must advertise the RP actions below
                  Raid/Raid over
                              You must advert warn 3 times, with 5 seconds in-between each warn for a player to stop following you or stop talking to you, you do not need to warn for them to leave your base, though it is encouraged.
                  Hit accepted
                  Hit completed
      B6) NLR Timer is 3 minutes
                 NLR Exceptions include dying by anything that are not an RP reason Examples of NLR
                 This also includes any form of revenge killing, warranting, arresting, wanting and or demoting             A team of Darkrp thieves raid your base and kill you, you CANNOT come back until 3 minutes later.
                 A hitman spots you in your base through a pane of glass and kills you, you CANNOT come back until 3 minutes later.
                 You fall to your death from falling a considerable height, you may return to the area.
                 An officer is attempting to arrest you, and you attempt to shoot back but are futile and die, you CANNOT come back to the area until 3 minutes later.
                 You are walking past PD and someone RDMs you, you may return to the area.
      B7) Can’t randomly weapon check.
                 Player must have a reason as of saw a weapon out or involved in a crime.
      B8) Dealers may only self supply to defend their shop.
      B9) Government jobs may not base or be involved in criminal activities
      B10) You must have a proper reason to place a warrant on someone or someone's base.
      B11) You cannot carjack a government vehicle   Basing Rules   C1) Fading door limit is *3 doors            Per base, not per player,
                 *Printer/bitcoin vaults can have 1 fading door (Example: 3 fading doors entering the base, 1 fading door to protect the printers)
      C2) Keypads/buttons must be in plainsight, and next to the linked door.
                 Keypads must have a hold length of 10 seconds
                 Keypads cannot have a delay
                 No fake keypads/buttons
      C3) You can only build in your/your parties base
      C4) You cannot have a sky-base
      C5) You cannot have a crouch-base
                 Any form of exploitable base that player A can shoot player B(foot/chest) and player B cannot shoot back player A is considered exploiting
      C6) A building sign prevents you from being raided
                 Building signs must be clearly visible
                 You cannot have money printers/bitcoin miners while
      C7) You cannot build during a raid.
      C8) Tresspassing is KOS, this includes bases with building signs.
                 If your base is public, a warning must be given in chat/voicechat
      C9) You cannot make your printers/bitcoin miners inaccessable, they must be raid-able.
      C10) One way props are allowed.
                 Limited to 1 per base
      C11) You cannot have a confusing and/or unnavigable base.
                 Examples: super-dark base, invisible base, maze-base.
      C12) You/your party may only have 1 base,
      C13) Do not abuse fading doors(FDA)
      C14) Public bases may not have fading doors, money printers, or bitcoin miners.
      C15) Destroying your entities during a raid on your base to avoid them being stolen is FailRP..
        Citizen Rules            Cannot raid
                 Cannot mug/steal
                 Cannot kidnap
                 Cannot carjack Citizen - You have no specific role in society,
                 Can own guns
                 Can base
                 Can own entities
        Hobo - You are homeless
                 Can only own pistols,
                 Can only build on sidewalks
                 Cannot own entities

      Civilian Rules
      Civilian General Rules
                 Cannot own entities
                 Cannot raid
                 Cannot mug/steal
                 Cannot kidnap
                 Cannot carjack Bodyguard - Protect a player or group
                 Can own guns
                 Can only base with other Civilian roles
        Hotel manager
                 Can only own a pistol and lower
                 Can only base at the Tides Hotel
        Downtown bank manager
                 Can only own a pistol and lower
                 Can only base at the Downtown bank
        Bar owner
      Can only own a pistol and lower
                 Can only make a public bar base   Casino manager
                 Can only own a pistol and lower
                 Can only base at the Casino
                 Can own only a pistol and lower
                 Can base with other civilians roles
                 Cannot raid,mug/steal,kidnap or carjack
                  Auto Mechanic
                 Can own only a pistol
                 Gun dealer
                  Criminals Rules Hitman
                Can own guns
                Can base
                Cannot own entities
                Can only raid when your target is inside, but may not steal any entities.
                Cannot mug/steal
                Cannot kidnap
                Cannot carjack Fight Club Manager
                Cannot own guns
                Can base
                Cannot own entities
                Cannot raid
                Cannot mug/steal
                Cannot kidnap
                Cannot carjack Fighter
                Cannot own guns
                Can only base with Fight Club Manager
                Cannot own entities
                Cannot raid
                Cannot mug/steal
                Cannot kidnap
                Cannot carjack Thief
                 Can own guns
                 Can base            Can own entities
                 Can raid
                 Can mug/steal
                 Cannot kidnap
                 Can carjack Drug Dealer
                 Can only own pistols and lower
                 Cannot base
                 Cannot own entities
                 Cannot raid
                 Cannot mug/steal
                 Cannot kidnap
                 Cannot carjack Gangster Rules Mexican Drug Cartel
                 Can own guns
                 Can only base with other members of the Mexican drug cartel
                 Can own entities
                 Can raid
                 Can mug/steal
                 Can kidnap
                 Can carjack Italian Mob
                 Can own guns
                 Can only base with other members of the Italian Mob
                 Can own entities
                 Can raid
                 Can mug/steal
                 Can kidnap
                 Can carjack Police/Civil Protection             Can own guns
                 Can only base in PD
                 Cannot own entities
                 Cannot raid
                 Cannot mug/steal
                 Cannot kidnap
                 Cannot carjack   Rules Provided by @oi? Last Updated: 9/17/2019 @ 6:35 P.M. EST
    • Sad day to see you leave GP man. Still lookin forward to the newest update on your map! That surf is pretty sweet !
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