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    • Personally I prefer v4 a bit over v10, mainly because the Steady Pace is actually completable and there is not mario kart, which no one plays for a reason. The obby on v4 is pretty much the same as it is on v4. I think both versions should be kept, as there's really no harm in keeping both.
    • Hi, I want to bring up a topic about ba_mlcastle_v4_css5 and the edit associated with it. ba_mlcastle_v4_css5 is a version of mlcastle we have on the server and it is arguably the worse version of the two. Key differences are: 4 corners -> temple tumble (pog!) better obstacle course, more skillfull and less hard due to bad map design Many times the map comes up in the nextmap selection and people vote that by accident instead of the edited version because nobody nominated it. I'd just like to voice my opinion about it to hopefully have it changed. Thanks
    • Good evening all! There have been some changes to the rank structure here at GamePunch.
      The Content Manager rank has been dissolved and the duties of that rank are now spread across all of Division Leaders.
      The current managers have been changed to Division Leaders. These are as follows: CS:S Division Leader Rust Division Leader Project Division Leader
      You may view the new staff structure here: https://gamepunch.net/index.php?/staff/ @Chaos Boss will spearhead GamePunch into new ventures for the community, such as Valheim. The rankProject Division Manager has been established for him. The rank Project Admin has been established to serve as a liaison to new players from other discord servers. @Karma has been promoted to Project Admin to better serve the needs of the new Valheim players. @Fozie has been promoted to Developer for his work on some other projects of ours. Stay tuned for more information. Hope to see you gaming!
    • This will be updated regularly until the requirements have been agreed upon.   Public 🔓 In order to gain access to the Public server, you must: not have a private steam profile, be verified with our Discord (#get-verified), have more than 10 friends, not have any VAC bans newer than 365 days, have a steam profile older than 6 months, own at least 3 game titles. Trusted 🔒 In order to gain access to the Trusted server, you must: not have a private steam profile, be verified with our discord(#get-verified), have more than 20 friends, not have any VAC bans newer then 365 days, have a steam profile older then 9 months, own at least 10 game titles, get to know Glow, Skooma, Chaos, Bonkers, and others in voice chat while playing Valheim. Private 🔐 In order to gain access to the Private server, you must: be a member of our community. 
      Apply today! Click here
    • cap you literately died 1 second when you played your instrument   
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