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  3. @tommyfound another person to corrupt to your catgirl bullshit
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  5. the rule is perfectly fine, I've had so many instances where i give the people a chance to drop it and then they flick to me and kill me. they will learn from their mistakes, once they die once to the auto pickup there is a very high chance they complain and someone tells them to turn it off and they usually do. Please dont change this rule.
  6. Is that…is that A SUPRAAA?? You should post pics of it in the chat lounge there are a lot of car people in this community.
  7. Hey man, welcome to the community! Hope to see you around more often.
  8. Sup! i'm new to the fourms and you might see me around mostly on the css servers specifically the jailbreak server or the pug server (when there's people in it) Kinda found your server via a friend since i'd do alot of minigames or jb back in the css days and your server is what's giving me that nostalgia haha Anyways a little bit about me, been playing counter strike for a bout 10 years now hours spanding over css and Go. aside from Counter strike i play a FUCK TON of racing games various other fps and recently JRPG's are the shit haha. I drive a 1988 toyota supra turbo (yes i'm into cars) and i'm also a weeb. hoping to see you all around the servers or the fourms!
  9. Personally I think the rule as it written now is fine.
  10. RESOLVED Thank you for your input/suggestion! This thread has been locked.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, but we will pass on this for now.
  12. there are going to be piece of shit t's that will use this as an advantage to kill ct's huge -1.
  13. if i want people to know my gender i'll just tell them
  14. -1, adding more stuff to the server leads to longer download times for newer players. Getting those in is already hard enough and seeing that this adds so little to gameplay, I just don't see why we should add this instead of other more valuable plugins/fixes to current plugins.
  15. I think that the rules should not be changed. Otherwise, how should the ct's know the difference between a noob and someone who is sufficient and can just flick and kill someone. People need less than 1 second to aim and click heads, so warning is already too late. What I do think is that is the warden's responsibility to not slaughter off the whole stack and try to differentiate between newer players that don't understand the mechanics and old players that just pull out a gun to kill.
  16. Considering the fact that there's infinite genders, I think the server would take a hit in player count due to the size of the amount of models there would potentially be. -1
  17. hope yall are aware this is kinda like a troll suggestion. Like yeah it would be cool if we had it bc it would be funny, but not like where its a big deal if we dont.
  18. don't ask me, I'm not the one who wrote it
  19. Idk why y’all gotta be identified as females, y’all a bunch of bitches regardless
  20. big +1 if the female skin is wearing skirt and thigh highs uwu
  21. 100% agree with -1 on this could lead to increased inappropriate behavior having female Counter strike source skins/characters added
  22. -1 this is a dumb idea rlly esp the part where you would have to wait a warn a guy for holding a gun as non warden. Its real life 2021?
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