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  2. Thats not Lean, Thats the mass shooter Sam Hyde. He can't keep getting away with it.
  3. Let's keep it civil guys. I respect your decision, it was good to have you in GP, I hope to still see you around.
  4. Yo it was good havin you with us. I know youll still b around. I respect your decision. We still cool broo
  5. This has Literally nothing to do with samira xD if you look at her ban appeal I even told her she didnt learn her lesson from previous times. I just dont want to be a member anymore. I dont agree with the shit y'all say and do sometimes and I dont wanna be apart of it and wear the tags it's honestly not even a big deal. I didnt want negativity on my post and I didnt want some drama bullshit either but here we are. Just wanted to leave in peace.
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  7. Hahaha the internal debate on the silence.
  8. Read chats in demo Lean used name Venom Steve. What people do when they leave GP.
  9. 1995 4Runner best car. i'd post a picture but im lazy sorry
  10. Yeah I do but its University. So hard to say if that even counts
  11. Its great man! Hows things going for you?
  12. Why would the clan enforce a server rule outside of the server? A servers rules are for that specified server. If this is about people banned for saying the n word IN the servers I’m not sure what’s so hard about following that rule, and don’t quite understand why the offenders just take responsibility for their actions. If they took responsibility and didn’t throw a tamptrum, chances are they would be unbanned at some point. If you break a server rule such as that over and over, you get banned. Simple. If you say it outside the server as long as it’s not to disrespect another community member, why would someone get in trouble? It’s a server rule for the server. I really don’t understand your purpose for leaving Silly but sorry you feel this way. I really hope to god this doesn’t have to do with Samira. Hope to still see you around. —Just a thought not directed at you Silly but pertains to this down below— — Getting mad for being punished for doing something you know you’re not supposed to do and joining+creating hate groups/spreading drama/etc in hopes to receive some form of social justice isn’t something an adult would do, it’s something an immature little entitled child would do. A real adult would take responsibility for their actions and not seek attention over their own stupid mistake.
  13. Neat. I was about to post a similar thread. Not sure if our reasons are the same but I will also be dropping the GP tag.
  14. Ay, hows life doing for anyone and every one? I hope it's fantastic! Or something of that sort.
  15. Just out of pure curiosity, what rules do you mean? That being said, sad to see you go. Best of luck to you on everything!
  16. Problem fix you guys can lock if you want
  17. And how do i do that
  18. Delete the version you have downloaded and re-join
  19. Im getting a message that says jb sunshine differs from the server and how do i fix it
  20. I'm not as active as I thought I was going to be, but also I had a lot of things going on personally that I'm not able to be active as much of the clan are. I'll be playing here and there, just won't be as active as I once was. Sorry
  21. good job man, it looks like a nice map so far. the light_environment seems a bit too dark though, maybe make the sunlight a bit brighter? also, a big issue I noticed was that the map needs heavy optimization (easy example to start with - turn all complex brushes into func_detail, and maybe look up how to use hint/skip and areaportals to improve visibility), I like to be sort of a stickler for that lol but I could try to help you out with that if you need it. still, looks good, keep working on it
  22. Thanks man! Yours is a beauty too! @Assassin Mike
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