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  2. I used to have a dream journal but stopped doing it after I realised all my fuckin dreams are too weird to keep track of. I don't really have nightmares, if a dream isn't good I don't wake up from it, I kinda just let it play out lol.
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  4. Corona for young party nostalgia vibes 4loko or a mikes strawberry for disgusting sugar beers that have higher % alcohol and get you drunk and sugar high. I'm no mixologist and I rarely go to bars im basic. Whiskey and coke is my go to drink with liquor, vodka and sprite is also easy and the most tasty imo.
  5. Only 1 cup per day for me, and always before lunch, if I have more than that or drink it later than lunchtime then I can say goodbye to that nights sleep. I only drink black coffee, other than that I actually prefer instant coffee to “real” coffee.
  6. I'm quite the basic bitch and i go for rum and coke too. IF it's down to beer Amstel is my favourite, or a John Smiths. If you're feeling adventurous, go for a "paralyzer". Consists of; Tequila, Kahlua, Vodka, Coke and Cream. Tastes like a milkshake when mixed right, and gets you fuckin bladdered.
  7. Coffee is also gr8 I used to be a black coffee guy but now... meh. When I go to Starbucks I get a salted cream cold foam cold brew with some extra caramel... sounds stupid when I type it but it's really really good. Pic below. At home, I just add whatever creamer is in my house this week to a cup of black
  8. I like to mix henny with some sweet and fruity shit and shoot it like a white girl on spring break. Cranberry and pineapple juice mix is my favorite. But henny and coke is a classic
  9. Since speedy is talking about alch let’s talk about coffee. I usually have a coffee during the lunch time due to my diet and I prefer japanese coffee with no creamer or anything just black. How do you guys like your coffee and what time of day?
  10. you know imma say GET THAT HENNY AND 4LOCOS, also best for pranks gotta be smirnoff ice but the big ass bottles
  11. Glow

    Dream thread

    Can't really remember the last time I had a good dream. Most times when I "dream", it's nightmares.
  12. Ur done bud. But seriously I respect your decision. Thank you for all of your contributions to the community, it will not go unappreciated. Best of luck with everything! I hope we cross paths again in the future.
  13. Alcohol?! Never heard of it, and don’t drink. Sorry
  14. New glarus is good. I had spotted cow.
  15. This is the greatest beer of all time but you can't get it outside of Wisconsin
  16. Vodka and Redbull Cranberry
  17. Yesterday
  18. Have a great trip man, see you when you get back!
  19. This sounds so weird that I have to try it now, thank you
  20. Water is the best beverage
  21. Tito’s and sprite, Blueberry vodka and sprite, Captain Morgan and Coke, love margaritas, Stella Artois, and Miller lite, red apple ale with some fireball mixed in..just my go to drinks that I pour from my bar. I also love specialty cocktails. Especially jalapeño ones
  22. gets mod then fucks off, unbelievable. Have fun bud :')
  23. i usually mix anything and everything :') If you want a strangely tasty combo, try vodka, whiskey, lemonade, cherry soda, brown ale and jagermeister. I call it the shit face.
  24. i only drink vodka straight from the bottle.
  25. Good luck! Hope life is worth leaving us!! come visit when you can!!
  26. water is the best drink, you’re right
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