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  2. cocoa pebbles or honeycombs ooo
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    Favorite cereal

    Who even eats breakfast? Ain't nobody got time for that.
  4. Okay idk if u guys have this in your countries but we have smth called honey stars. This cereal makes your milk taste sweet and NOICE
  5. I’ve had a few detentions and close to getting suspended because I beat the shit out of some kid..
  6. What’s everyone’s favorite cereal(s)? Personally I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Reese puffs!
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    Why I Left

    I 100% agree with all of this.
  9. once. Me and my friend made an "Offensive Paper" which the teacher didnt find very pleasing... Lots of N bombs from my friend
  10. I had plenty of detentions, put on report, internal isolations and shit but never got suspended somehow
  11. Sad. I have had these many thoughts myself over this time, and my first thought when you left was that you just had enough doing everything for the community. You have been a huge part of this community, if not the sole reason it even exists. To think they let you go like a balloon to drift away is hilarious. But at the same time, it needed to happen... Dunder, you are the sole reason I have even been in the community up til this point, I have gained so much respect for you.. more than anyone else in this entire community. I cannot add anything to this as Dunder could if he wanted to, but what I can say is that the community will go down the wrong path no matter what without you. There can always be a good Manager, or a good Co-Leader (not saying anyone is bad) but without a complete neutral, without a true leader like you.. I honestly see the main concept of the community, To give everyone a place to play, vanishing. This is not a hate post from me, and I hope it isn't portrayed that way. But, There is no reason for me not to criticize when it is needed. I truly believe everything I have said, and I don't see much from this community much longer. Sadly, I also don't have the time to really care what happens either.. Its just going to take fates road, with or without me. (Note: This is not a "Departure" or "stepping down" post. just my thoughts).
  12. Bruh i called another hoe "babe" by accident
  13. Shit idk tbh it's a couple of things I can think of lol
  14. I'd like to add something, a message to everyone upset with where GP is and where it is headed: there are the right people to blame and the wrong people to blame. Blaming the mods that are only trying to do what they are tasked with does not help, it is the broken leadership they must deal with that results in such inconsistent punishments or decisions by them. Please do not take what is purely the leadership's issues out on them, as I am increasingly seeing this trend happening. They are as much confused/upset as some of you may be, so please keep that into consideration before you lash out and say something you might not want to. To directly reply to this thread though, it is a shame that is how your time ended here. To think that not even staff members can receive an expected and deserved amount of respect really puts into perspective how much the community values, say, a member. This can directly be linked to the fact that any complaint or concern is generally swept under the rug until months later when someone will bring it back up just for it to get swept under the rug once more. With most of the servers being dead at most times, and Jailbreak growing more and more toxic and unwelcoming by the day, I seriously cannot fathom how GP has not seen this issue and taken it head-on. I tried my best to keep a spark of hope for the community, as I do love it and the members I have met and played with, but time and time again I am greeted with reasons why that can't be. Whether it be the recent Discord rule, the disconnect some staff members have with reality regarding hate speech and racism, the toxicity that goes unanswered outside of "It is always like that", and much more, I just came to a point where I did not have the energy to keep trying. I'd like for GP to prove me wrong, for the community to actually take steps in the right direction to make the server as good as it once was, and I would happily come back if this were the case, but unfortunately, I simply do not see it being the case.
  15. The right thing would have been for me to make this post a month ago before I abruptly left, but here I am. Let me clear up the reason I left. It was not purely because of rule changes, player base, or whatever; it was a combination of a lot of stuff. The final straw that broke the camel's back was Glow talking down to me in Server-Manager chat. Went something like this: Me: When was A12 added? Majestic: Ages ago. Me: Wtf, why? GLow: Why? Is that a serious question? Me: Yes, why add that as a rule Glow: Why do you think it is a rule Did I overreact? Most definitely. Do I care? No. I cannot be bothered to spend time somewhere that I am constantly asked to fix every problem with no one even attempting to learn beforehand. There is a reason I was as knowledgeable as I am, and it had nothing to do with my degree or how smart I am. I took the initiative to learn and understand the system, whereas no one else wanted to do that. I will say it as clearly as I can: I was relied on to do pretty much everything server-wise, and the lack of genuine interest from others to learn is what took away a lot of motivation. If you heard other reasons as to why I left, they are (probably) incorrect. It was pretty obvious why I left to Server-Managers and above, as well as the group of people I still talk to post-GamePunch. My leaving was not me being "sensitive", and knowing that I was called that by Glow after I left was the final nail in the coffin of why I will never return to GamePunch in any capacity. To be honest, I am surprised I am even making this post. One of the unfortunate things I have seen is poor leadership and poor handling of situations. I will say upfront that I am awful at doing the "Moderation" side, and I think most everyone knows that. The punishments I gave were always on the extreme. Unfortunately, I do not see many Moderators and above being any better than me. For instance, locking a thread that is getting slightly out of hand rather than handling it? There is no reason for that. Deal with the situation at hand rather than sweeping it under the rug. As far as poor leadership, I highly recommend reading "The Ideal Team Player". The book talks about three parts of a good team player: humble, hungry, and smart. I am not going to give a full lecture on the book, but I do not see those traits in the people here, especially in Server-Managers and above. It is always "people have no clue how hard it is to be a Moderator", or "leading a community is hard". Everyone knows how it is to be a Moderator; I would conservatively say 80% or more of the player base has been a Moderator in some community at some point in time. I will not say leading a community is not hard, but it can definitely be made easier by allowing the community to have more say. Buying a Hell-Let Loose server and throwing it into the community's server list was one of the worst decisions I think was ever made at GamePunch, and I think that shows pretty clearly. Has the community itself grown in any way that is tangible? Does it get members? The only Member I saw come in has already gone out. When you make mistakes, own up to those mistakes and have some sense of humility. If I could give one suggestion that I hope is taken seriously? Let the community have more power of the community. Glow, you should not be making decisions for the community without the community having input. It is not your community. I have heard you say those words time after time, and it is the reason that GamePunch will fail sooner rather than later. I will say it again, it is not your community. Your player base should run you, you should not run them. When you are one of the sole people dictating rules on a server you rarely play on because you do not like Jailbreak anymore, that is a massive problem, and I have no clue how you do not see that. Learn to trust others more. Lead by example. Even though I have a lot more to say, anything else will probably come across as being just straight out complaining and non-productive, which will result in this thread being locked, which I would rather it not. I am still mad and upset that my run ended here like it did, but I would not have changed it if I could. If you want to reach out to me and can still do so over Discord, feel free to and I can give you more reasoning as to why I left. If you cannot message me over Discord, then there is probably a reason for that.
  16. No, but numerous referrals. Surprised I never got suspended with the shit I did lmao
  17. Never got a chance to comment on this before the party started, but best of luck in the future Wildfire! We must game at different times because I’m on jailbreak almost everyday and never see you. Every JB server to ever exist has been toxic, so there’s some truth to that statement. Trying to control it is another thing. I hope whatever you do next in life is fun and exciting!
  18. My entire life basically
  19. What's the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?
  20. someone plz close this thread its out of hand, sad to se you feel this way about us and gp wish you all the best
  21. sad to se you go bro we will always be here for you when needed
  22. I'm sure we can all give examples of how gp mods can be bad, but we never really address when they do good. It's hard to stay positive with negativity all around you and at times that's what we give to mods when we dont fully agree with how they handled a situation. In my opinion if you dont like the clan just say what you want changed but do it respectfully, if you dont see change happening just leave. I know I have been told if you don't like it you can leave so that's what I did. Let them be the "toxic mess" everyone says it is and find a server or community you like. The main issue I see is that some mods are under trained but still act like they wrote the motd. Give it time and maybe the training will do good.
  23. Y'know we could just lock this thread for further investigation. Kidding though But uh LOA Denied please try again next year! @Wildfire <3 it was fun gaming with ya lad and I got to know ya better as well. See you in-game every once in a while hopefully! I wish for you to be successful and happy!
  24. No disrespect but I saw the cracks in the window before it shattered
  25. LMFAOOO true though.. where’s [Mod] GP * Hunterx848 at hello??
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