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  2. Its crazy to see all the changes we have added and October isn't even over yet... Tons of DarkRP additions New Warden Plugin New Special Days for Jailbreak Glad to see that even 10 months in, the community is still getting better and better.
  3. Welcome back!! We missed you!! Kinda... EDIT: Dont be sad bitch. I will gladly kill you next time we play together.... Tomorrow??
  4. Welcome back! Glad you got stuff sorted out
  5. I is back bitches. CPU on old PC offed itself. had to finished new-build and deal with some issues on said new build $1.5k later ( imma miss windows 7). just getting steam fixed up now.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Welcome to the forums!
  8. Nvidia gtx 970, older card but still good enough for now
  9. Windows 10 and tails. I miss 7, even with windows update turned off on win 10 in services it finds a way to download updates during my gameplay .-.
  10. Hola bandit. Beautiful dog my man he lookin loyal
  11. oMeteor


    we're onto something.
  12. Welcome to the forums! Make sure you try our Garry's Mod DarkRP Server, which now has Zombies thrown in...
  13. blyat


    meteor those are the same keyboards that are at my school
  14. Your nose can run and your feet can smell...
  15. Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you in the JB server soon.
  16. Welcome dill! I'm pretty sure I played with you the other morning.
  17. Welcome to the forums!
  18. Welcome to the forums! see you on JB
  19. ayy it's my boy squirrel, welcome to the forums boi.
  20. Welcome to the forums! Good to see you!
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