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  2. They only give you one when you rent a gun
  3. im so confused lol made to only kill when server breaks? made to only kill 1in 100? that climb simply breaks when u putt wub on sometimes. the deathrun to at the end breaks someties aswellif u got wub on, aswell as the second spike trap doesnt do damage to some people when wub is on. its not a "built-in" feature, its a glitch when wub gets turned on that sometimes glitches people inside the pedestal and then fixes itself but kills the person inside the thing
  4. You need more mags bro.... lol Or am I the crazy one bringing 15+ mags
  5. yeah i understand, we had the same problem when i was hell player, we asked him about this he said thats how this climb is made,,
  6. ^^Agreed, I havent seen this killing people.
  7. tbh i never had this climb kill me or anybody else except for when wub was on or when a server mechanic broke so i would more likely putt this on wub then ur friend making it that way. since wub is known to break multiple map features including teleports and moving/damaging map mechanics
  8. this is the only climb that kills ppl in spy v spy, this is the only climb he made that will kill you, the second-third one of them pedestals kills you,, sorry for being bad explaining hope this helps,, so when ppl die by this climb one of them will insta kill you or go straight through and kills you,, thats how the map is made by him,, i have tried to explain to players in the server that its nothing about wub or server being broken its just how this special climb works,,
  9. could u specify a bit more? platforms or pedestals? i suck at completely understanding english but to be clear u mean the floating things in the air, am i right? not the stuff coming out of the water graduately getting higher?
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  11. a friend of mine from hell clan did the map spy v spy,, he did so 1 of the climb kills you, it got nothing to do with wub or climb being broken its the way he made it,, the climb that kills you is the climb where you have many plantforms that you can jump to,, the second or third plantforms kills you, so it got nothing to do with server problems or wub problem or climb problem,, thats how that climb works
  12. A lot of times on SpyVsSpy, when no-collide is turned on, the whole climb game breaks (you can't climb on the platforms, you just go straight through them). I can't tell what the exact pattern is if there is one, but most of the time when this occurs, physics also break at the same time (not always though). It always seems to happen in the climb area of the map only. Only other weird bug I've seen on the map is the death crate disappearing. I haven't seen this bug crash the server, he might just be referring to the restart to fix physics.
  13. holy shit, that's crazy you know aimer, haven't spoken to him in a couple years. you should tell him toni from kawaii clan bhop server says hi (૦ઁ ͜ʖ૦ઁ)
  14. Before anyone comments saying "he was unbanned in 2018", here is an example of a ban from someone else that happened a day later. "Invoked on" means that was the day the ban was issued.
  15. @Dunder @Element115 please look at this.
  16. Im going to give you this screenshot, this is a bhoper since 2006. Verified and certified knows what hes talking about, I can get him to send me a strafe script and you can go test it yourself since the server runs sv_pure 0, and see if macrodox bans you. and this bhoper isnt some random Hes one of the best! Also, there are people that I saw using ahk mat walls on jb server. It was obvious, and macrodox cant detect that lol. Because sv_pure is literally 0. Melon would get away with his script, if macrodox wasnt enabled. He would of never been caught with that strafe script. Its completely different function from a bhop script. Basically for the people that don't know how it works in the "bhop world/servers" It strafes for you without being visible, aka having 90% + sync which causes u to perf higher. Hes actually scrolling himself for the jumps but it makes it super easy to hit perf jumps with the sync.
  17. so u got banned for it in 2014-2015 ish, stopped using it and then suddenly started using it in 2018 again? because second screen shows ban on 04-25-2018
  18. If you can DM me some links to examples of strafe scripts coding, I will have Element and Dunder look into it. Also if there’s other ways to detect strafe scripts, let me know.
  19. Never have I said macrodox gives false positives, but not twice bro. And I can screen record myself doing the same shit melon does with that script. You can't see it! It's invisible, a strafe script. Any bhoper knows this, and what it does. Melon is literally strafe scripting, not bhop scripting. The strafe script is whats making him hit the perfs. I can run the same script and get banned by macrodox. And then tell you guys its fake news because im such a good bhop bla bla bla. I never got banned by that bot, also macrodox is more accurate than smac
  20. Thanks for the report! What do you mean breaks the game? I have yet to see any recent crashes on the Jailbreak server, but I see if there’s any reports.
  21. After speaking with Dunder, Melon’s unban came with the understanding that he must provide evidence on the GP servers that he can hit the same perf while recording his screen. In his case, I’m extremely suspicious because his perf doesn’t match his hops, but it’s also been reported that macrodox can give false positives. I’ll let Dunder speak on that behalf because I’m not too certain the specifics. To address the hacking claims, back in 2014ish, I tried to make some makeshift cheats with an old friend that went horrible since I’m not much of a coder, so I’m not surprised I got banned from some places. Looking back am I proud of that? Not at all, but I’m at least being honest about it netex, your attitude gets you in the most trouble because you don’t how to control your anger in game. This thread will remain open unless it gets out of hand and needs to be closed.
  22. I'm totally with you on this, if it's true. Thank you for being here to reveal this. It is voices like yours that need to be loud and heard. You've a big mouth. But what comes out of it is not non-sense. Only your experience and skills allow such information to be shared. Please keep up with it. Don't let others silence you. I wouldn't be surprised either if your thread gets deleted. There were things I've posted before and were deleted as well. Also I fully support and understand the posts you've made before here. Cause I can relate. Things have changed. Only here and on JB server maybe once a week. I'm with you, @neteX.
  23. bro everyone in the world has cheated on a game at 1 point or another who the hell cares @neteX
  24. imo once someone cheats they always cheat. Definitely some exposing happening here lol
  25. haha, don't delete this thread, and let @Glow respond. I wana see his excuses.
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