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    builds are fun and usually cheaper depending on what youre looking at
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    https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/ Building your own is defo the wayy, if you don't know what you're looking for in terms of compatibility use that link, plenty of youtube vids on builds
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    i could be wrong buttt im pretty sure theyre looking into it
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    It's really not at all. Most of the pieces snap together like legos. The only place you could really mess up is applying thermal paste to your cpu, but one quick youtube video watch and you'll be good to go. The hardest part is making sure all your pieces are compatible, but the link ohhdandy posted will do that for you. generally it seems to me that buying the parts on your own and building it is 20% - 40% cheaper
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    I would suggest building your own It's never been easier and a better time to build a PC, go for it! I'm currently planning on building a PC myself later this year.
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    We are not having a CS:GO Jailbreak server that option is not on the table at the moment, nor do we have any plans to scrap CS:S Jailbreak. That's not what the purpose of this thread is for.
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    It is the Warden's Job to open the cell buttons on maps that don't Auto Open cells, They called they warday they should know exactly what they should be expecting once those doors open.
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    This sounds like a great idea ! Would be fun being able to progress in ranks with more time played rather than kills !
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    I think this is a cool idea, and would be extra cool if implemented alongside one of the plugins that got suggested which is a pointshop for time spent in game. I like both, but I kinda like hats AND leaderboard
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    This would be great but you can also go on gameservers to see your played time. Other than that this sounds like a good idea. !played then it shows if you're a veteran or beginner something along those lines.
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    This would be a super cool idea if they implemented this into their servers.
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