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    I'm leaving for a unknown amount of time... On the 20th of August my partner and I are moving into a van to travel our home country of New Zealand... Once we have our solar and portable Wifi sorted I will be back... It could be a week it might be years. Good luck with all guys and I hope all can achieve their dreams... Thanks for all the good times Your friendly and local !3lueberry
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    But i'm really liking this community so far! Hello my name is [blur], you may have seen me on jailbreak, though probably not because I am specifically hard to see because i am a blur AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA All hilarious jokes aside, I am really enjoying the community and it's been nothing but a positive experience for me so far! I've always loved jailbreak, been playing it since I was 13-14. Played on Disc-FF, Titan Clan and (don't hate me) HeLL for a little bit. 21 now, and I think I'd like to stick around in GamePunch! Something I've noticed that stands out with this community is how the admins and mods respond when contacted in game with @ on team. Even today, I had an issue where I was freekilled. contacted a mod and they took care of it, and I think that's crucial for new players to feel welcomed a server. Anyways want to keep it relatively short, so thanks GP & you'll be seeing more of me! [blur] p.s. I know i call a lot of wardays. I guessss I promise to call less
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    sick voice/scream man I'd listen to that any time. And I'm pretty picky when it comes to screamo Legit tho that's clean, keep it up!
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    Acoustic project Metal Project lyrics to sing along to my lovely voice Creator How can you see the blinded when you are all alone Praise be to the new messiah Gaurds of the new creation And only violence will live I am creator How can you say that youve found yourself (when theres nothing left to find) Where will you end up, what will you become When youve already picked the dead There, only bleak, knee deep From the demons inside your soul Live let live, and fucking die Where was the love? This time... Where was the love? This time... No hesitation, no remorse The time has come, the hunt is on Pull me six feet under I cannot become For I am Infinite How can I beleive that I knew what it takes That the past wouldnt leave the scent of a fond night mare Thats been through me And I cannot become For I am Infinite (Group chant) Inifinite! Be reborn! Be Reborn I am the legend that puts an end to the world - Will know my face Hate me, the dead will save me
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    I been playing the guitar for 8 years now. I own a gibson of course, a schecter for metal, ibanez with nylon strings for acoustic. Mastered 3/4 of metallicas songs. Taught myself Flamenco as well which is really difficult especially finger picking.
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    I've played the oboe, the trumpet, guitar, and drums over the course of my life but unfortunately I haven't touched an instrument in years. I'm thinking of getting back into guitar here soon though
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    Peace out blueberry best of luck to ya!
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    nice I play the drums too. I'm not in a band or on the internet but i'm the best of my friends so I'm always on when we're jamming.
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    Like a Kei van? We don't have small vans in the US at all I don't think. You have some cool imports in NZ. Anyway yeah I have a rooftop tent for my car and I used it to move across the country. Would like to live the life though. If only I could find a job I could do on the move, you know?
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    Pretty cool map although the last jump of the climb makes me want to kill myself
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    Thanks element! our favorite local warden
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    ((BUT... We recommend you also try our Minigames and Pub Server @[blur]!!!))
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    Have a good trip man! Hope all goes well!
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    @Element115 thanks man done it before so we know we love it... good luck with everything and keep up the wicked wardening
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    You will be missed. Safe travels. I hope you find what you're looking for buddy.
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    Awesome, I'm tired of my wageslave job gonna do that one day
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    hey bro hmu i'm tryna move to new zealand
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    Have fun man, be safe
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    Rule 11. Don't Panic Rule 12. Its ok to get salty and rage quit on Razor, no one blames you.
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    Here is a central place where all the audio (and notes if available) for the meetings will be linked. th { text-align: center; } tr { border-bottom: 1px solid white; } table { width: 100%; } td { text-align: center; padding-top: 2%; padding-bottom: 2%; } Date Size Time Download January 18, 2020 78.0 MB 56:49 Audio Download December 14, 2019 59.2 MB 43:09 Audio Download November 17, 2019 56.2 MB 40:58 Audio Download October 27, 2019* NA NA NA September 22, 2019 68.6 MB 49:57 Audio Download August 17, 2019 93.2 MB 1:07:55 Audio Download July 13, 2019 103 MB 1:15:07 Audio Download June 7, 2019 92.7 MB 1:07:31 Audio Download May 3, 2019 97.9 MB 1:11:17 Audio Download April 6, 2019 148 MB 1:48:18 Audio Download March 15, 2019 65.5 MB 47:43 Audio Download February 15, 2019 94.3 MB 1:08:42 Audio Download January 18, 2019 81.1 MB 59:06 Audio Download Notes Download *Meeting was not recorded / recording was not processed.