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  1. @Dunder @Element115 please look at this.
  2. If you can DM me some links to examples of strafe scripts coding, I will have Element and Dunder look into it. Also if there’s other ways to detect strafe scripts, let me know.
  3. Thanks for the report! What do you mean breaks the game? I have yet to see any recent crashes on the Jailbreak server, but I see if there’s any reports.
  4. After speaking with Dunder, Melon’s unban came with the understanding that he must provide evidence on the GP servers that he can hit the same perf while recording his screen. In his case, I’m extremely suspicious because his perf doesn’t match his hops, but it’s also been reported that macrodox can give false positives. I’ll let Dunder speak on that behalf because I’m not too certain the specifics. To address the hacking claims, back in 2014ish, I tried to make some makeshift cheats with an old friend that went horrible since I’m not much of a coder, so I’m not surprised I got banned from some places. Looking back am I proud of that? Not at all, but I’m at least being honest about it netex, your attitude gets you in the most trouble because you don’t how to control your anger in game. This thread will remain open unless it gets out of hand and needs to be closed.
  5. Really wished you would have spoke to me before you decided to retire from the game, but I can't blame you for the decision. Jailbreak as a whole can be very toxic at times and it can get the best of you. Best of luck in the future in whatever you decide to do!
  6. Glow


    We're moving to CSGO Prophunt very soon.. that's why the CSS Prophunt server is slow.
  7. Glow

    Your First Job?

    I worked as a busboy when I was 15.
  8. I have a 1080 and it works just fine. Probably much cheaper too lol.
  9. Finally! Welcome to GamePunch !
  10. Glow

    Mod+ Meeting

    Mod+ Meeting will take place Saturday, March 21st @ 6PM EST. If you cannot attend, you MUST inform everyone below.
  11. Glow

    Community Meeting #15!

    Hi everyone! Our 15th community meeting is Saturday, March 21st at 7PM EST! Make sure you have joined our Discord and that your profile is verified (Discord box is on the forum index at the bottom right). Bring your questions with you, and as always, bring a friend!