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  1. Shadows of the Colossus blew my 15 year old mind
  2. Everytime We Touch, 00:32 - 00:35 Klaxon Beat from HL, 00:10 - 00:16 That would be your mother Toasty!
  3. Workout, run, and cook. I'm also starting to get into map making for CS:GO and possibly mod making for Skyrim.
  4. Congrats! I feel bad you didn't get a proper graduation ceremony though.
  5. Not a video editor myself but I have played around with Shotcut which is free and easy to use. https://shotcut.org/
  6. I don't think it'll make things too unfair since you also have those chances of having a negative or neutral gift when you use it for 1 time. I don't know about anyone else here but I don't see myself constantly shelling out $2 - $5 all the time just so I have a chance for a tiny advantage in a Jailbreak game. Once in a while for the fun of it? Sure. I would like to see a small trial for us to test it out for maybe a week or 2 to see how it goes and if it's not well received then just scrap it. I think it could definitely make for some fun moments in the game, and I would love to use that !spy gift
  7. You can't sell a tattoo when you get bored/regret it later in life. Get yourself a bike.
  8. Dronzo


    My names Dronzo
  9. Black Olives >> Pineapple
  10. I first played CSS when I was in high school and it was mostly just playing Gungame and casual servers. Fast forward some years later and I got myself a better computer to run games on and I figured I'd try out CSS again to try out other game servers that I missed out on. Found GP Jailbreak by chance and after seeing how the whole rules orked out I was hooked. Now GP JB became my go to "I want to play something quick before I leave for work" game.
  11. Dronzo


    2 hour Drum n Bass mixes