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  1. Congrats! I feel bad you didn't get a proper graduation ceremony though.
  2. Not a video editor myself but I have played around with Shotcut which is free and easy to use. https://shotcut.org/
  3. I don't think it'll make things too unfair since you also have those chances of having a negative or neutral gift when you use it for 1 time. I don't know about anyone else here but I don't see myself constantly shelling out $2 - $5 all the time just so I have a chance for a tiny advantage in a Jailbreak game. Once in a while for the fun of it? Sure. I would like to see a small trial for us to test it out for maybe a week or 2 to see how it goes and if it's not well received then just scrap it. I think it could definitely make for some fun moments in the game, and I would love to use that !spy gift
  4. You can't sell a tattoo when you get bored/regret it later in life. Get yourself a bike.
  5. Black Olives >> Pineapple
  6. I first played CSS when I was in high school and it was mostly just playing Gungame and casual servers. Fast forward some years later and I got myself a better computer to run games on and I figured I'd try out CSS again to try out other game servers that I missed out on. Found GP Jailbreak by chance and after seeing how the whole rules orked out I was hooked. Now GP JB became my go to "I want to play something quick before I leave for work" game.
  7. Dronzo


    2 hour Drum n Bass mixes
  8. Huge wrestling fan myself. I've been a huge Mick Foley mark when I was a kid but nowadays I find myself enjoying the hell out of Shawn Michaels matches. First wrestling show I went to was a WCW Nitro in 2000. I think my favorite heel nowadays would be Bray Wyatt, dude has a great gimmick and makes great promos. AEW was exciting for me at first and I'll watch from time to time but Cody really ruins everything for me, I just think he's incredibly boring. I do like Jon Moxley, Jericho, and his Inner Circle faction. I think I only watched New Japan for a little while when Moxley went there for a small run but I don't really follow them now. Now with the Network I've been watching old ECW shows and PPVs to see what I missed out on. One Night Stand 2005 is still my favorite PPV to watch when I'm bored.
  9. I think everyone needs to play Superman 64 at least once
  10. I very much enjoy the wrestling version of kornheisers
  11. I used to be very into it for a year but then kind of just fell off it. I always ran a red/green beast deck against my buddies. I've seen some very heated moments from this game too like one guy kicking another guy out of his house if he used this certain card in the game. I still have all my cards in a box somewhere just in case they become valuable in the future.