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  1. Dronzo


    I was terrified of getting my wisdom teeth pulled out too. But when the operation was happening it didn't turn out so bad after all. I didn't get anasthesia but instead he used novocaine so I was aware the whole time when the operation was happening. I can tell you now that all I felt was a tiny bit of pressure on my teeth but no pain at all. Plus I got some percocets out of it too!
  2. Based on your selection I would say Kingdom of Heaven which is based off of the Crusades wars. It's definitely up there as one of my top 5. But if you want something specific to Rome then you can't go wrong with Spartacus, the 1960s movie not the show.
  3. name him glasses jacket shirt man
  4. Dronzo

    Can't stand it!

    I really really hate being around drunk people.
  5. Dronzo

    It's a habit.

    I crack my neck and fingers a lot. I have long legs so I'm always cracking knees too. Then I do this thing where I whip my arm forward and crack my elbows with speed.
  6. Show off your computer/desk setups. Here you can see my kitty motivating me to rebel against the CT's.
  7. I use Crackle if I want to watch movies nowadays, it's completely free. Selection not too good but it's got Silent Hill https://www.sonycrackle.com/watch/402/2462683
  8. Dronzo


    Focus on breathing helps me out at times. Just take a deep breath through your nose until you feel your belly rise then breathe out and feel your belly lower. Keep doing this when by yourself, make your breathing feel natural instead of forced, and you'd be surprised at the results. I always believed stress for the most part comes from fear (fear of the unknown, i gotta get this done in time, oh my life is over if I don't do this, etc.). Realizing that there is no such thing as fear because it's just an illusion can be a very wondrous thing. We're meant to enjoy life, not be stressed out by it. Hope I helped out some.
  9. Dronzo

    Not clickbait....

    I used to love watching Mega64, AVGN is great to listen as background sound for some reason. And then there's Sick Animation