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  1. There Will Be Blood (2007) SPOILERS AHEAD
  2. I'm just gonna leave this here. I take no credit for it's creation
  3. Bruh you look like inbred Christian Bale with fetal alcohol syndrome. I bet your eyes are lobotomy dead because your mom tried to back alley abort you but the doc gave up halfway through and shoved your ugly ass back in giving you some kind of brain damage. Were you born a woman or is your face that round because you never hit puberty? Fetus with a fake wig looking ass. I smoke juul looking ass. School shooter looking ass. Prozac popping looking ass. Buy fake weed looking ass. I bet your mom does your laundry.
  4. choccy go cry and be irrelevant somewhere else @Chaos Bossmy dude are you still around or did Atlanta get you again?
  5. Boi I tried doin' a roast here a few months back but it turns out this community is full of nice, sweater wearing, vegan cheese eating people who would rather talk about their feelings. I bet they drive hybrids listen to Steely Dan. They're not like us man, they're softer and they don't really understand the value of roast humor besides Choccy who is also from HoE. As for your Chaos: you'll always be a fetus with a mouth and a wanna-be admin of any community that will have you You'll have greater success getting shot a third time than getting this thread going It's good to see you again, now rip me open as good as my cousin did when I was 7
  6. I get to be a medical chief dudebro on a golf cart for a couple of weeks. I'll probably harass y'all in discord and here from time to time but i Defineltey can't make it onto the servers while I'm everyone's dad. I'll send you pics of my golf cart while im away. Later bugs
  7. xd I used to roll with the kings when I dated my goat killing girlfriend. HI, I'm Velma and I'm an alcoholic. Actually, I like to refer to myself as an "equal opportunity addict" as I succumb myself to a number of substances, not just alcohol. Last year at this time I was a major cokehead, I was putting like 5.5 grams of drugs into my face every weekend. As of the last 2 years, I've slowly worked myself out of the addictive lifestyle but that comes with some struggles. I also have an underlying eating disorder that was often treated by smoking cigarettes because I couldn't eat. Now I've gained some weight and at 27 years old I don't know how to eat healthy or manage my weight. My relationship with my parents is shit. Since I moved out of my house at 19, I've never hung out with my parents without someone else around. My parents don't like me to the point where they don't even tell their friends they have a daughter. They only tell their friends about my brother. Growing up, both of my parents sexually abused me so I grew some serious resentment towards both of them which because a huge problem when I turned into a teen and started beating both of them up. My mother was also very physically abusive as well. I remember when I was 12 my best friend committed suicide and I was so shocked I couldn't talk, I could only cry. I remember my mom found me and dragged me into the bathroom where she found blood where I had cut myself and she round house kicked me in the hip and I couldn't stand up so she kicked me in the face. I now have TMJ and permanent nerve damage. Anyways, they took me to therapy but denied any and all sexual abuse. This did not end up helping out at all and just made everything worse. Now they don't really understand why I don't like hanging out with them. To make matters worse, my older brother is a musical savant with a speech impediment and learning disability that they also abused. He ended up with some serious anger problems and would beat me up on a regular basis after my parents would yell at him. Thanks to him, I had 8 concussions. He never went to therapy because he never tried to kill himself like I did so now he's just a full blown sociopath with no career despite his incredible musical ability. Four years ago I bought the love of my life a house. He decided 2 years ago that he couldn't handle the commitment and moved out without telling me, leaving me financially destitute. A month later I attempted suicide with Tylenol and was found 4 days later by a friend after I missed D&D night. I was brought to the ICU and told by 7 doctors I was going to die. I wasn't allowed to turn myself because my blood was clotting so bad I could have gotten an aneurysm. I ended up with cerebral edema and some of my heart died. I was in the ICU for 3 days and the hospital for the entire week. My ex did not visit me. I still wake in up in the middle of the night and remember staring at the empty chair next to my bed in the ICU and realizing that I might just die in the next day and he wasn't coming to say goodbye. I just got back with him in January. Last year my PTSD got even worse after I accidentally killed a patient after being yelled at by 6 people to intervene on something I had no business doing. I still see his face every day. Now I just do things with my life without any clear motive as I resolve to just sit around and wait to die. I really just don't care about anything anymore. I always feel like whatever good is happening to my life is going to be taken away so why bother? I briefly dated a guy before I got back with my ex and he raped me. I didn't tell my ex (or anyone) about it until two weeks ago and I got so angry I punched a wall and now there is a hole. Now my house looks like a meth house. Now my sex life has been ruined by an old man with erectile dysfunction. Now I have to go leave for 2 weeks and be everyone's dad without having a mental breakdown. bye.
  8. The Legend of Zelda for sure. 2D Zelda is my shit.
  9. I worked for a family portrait chain. My manager was like 20 and mentally unstable. I'd work 6 14 hour days in a row and sometimes not get a lunch break. Due to coporate policy, we had to make appointments every 15 minutes even though our branch had neither the staff or the studio space to support it so people would come in with their small children and wait 2.5 hours for their photo shoot and their kids were often livid by the time they got on set. I used to have a pixie cut and glasses like Kim jong il. I remember one day i was wearing a blue striped button down shirt and a little girl called me a boy and an angry Christian mom called me a dyke and accused me of stealing her phone in the same day. To make matters worse, my manager would give the photographers she liked the more affluent appearing and bigger groups while some of us got the poor, single child families. She did this so that she could claim we didn't meet sales quota which was kind of bullshit because I felt pretty terrible trying to upsell photos to a family on food stamps I remember one day she got really emotional and chewed me out for something that was actually a computer problem in front of a customer. After the sale, she decided to punish me for making an ass out of herself because I didn't tell her what the problem was (I did) and made me scrub the white backdrop all the way in the back of the studio and answer the CORDLESS phone in the front of the studio but I couldn't take the cordless phone in the back unless it was someone important that she wanted to talk to because she was SITTING AT THE DESK where the phone was located. I was at that job for about a month before I called it quits. I got paid $17/hr but it wasn't worth having 4 days off that entire month and dealing with my manager's crazy ass.
  10. I would love my own sex cult overlooking the beach in the redwood forest
  11. I've always been obsessed with Versace eyewear but now I wear this every day instead. Smells amazing
  12. I have three -Entrepreneur. Use my money to make more money. Follow trends and create needs for the masses to profit off of and buy smaller companies to expand. -Psychological researcher: I would work in a genocide where the subjects don't matter and experiment on building and breaking a person's reality. This would include stress tests, brainwashing, and looots of torture for science! The end result would be to find a treatment for depression. -High end stripper/escort: I mean, who wouldn't do this if it was safe? Party all the time and fuck for money... I'd rather die getting chopped up in a hotel room than shit my pants in a nursing home when I'm 105.