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  1. Lino

    Made Thingy

    Looks cool. Blender noob tho
  2. she's not wrong, nobody be simpin for a man
  3. You screenshotted your camera view? XD if this is a joke wp, if not then...
  4. Lino

    Member suggestion

    If you do things like that then people will just use the member tag to farm credits and then leave after You want people to join because they want to be part of your community not because they want rewards.
  5. Lino

    So i made this

    Just a correction: Gimp is much easier to use than photoshop and has allot less features, worse pixel manipulation and can't handle complex file types. But it is a very good choice to learn the basics of image editing If you want to get into this just download the free trial of photoshop, they are doing allot of discounts and even giving it away for free!
  6. GeorgeLAD, more like GeorgeBAD
  7. Lino

    Lie to die

    Lie to die is a fair command, if you aren't sure that you have a gun it's not the most difficult thing to check. And also, the command "Lie to die" is more specific to the t's who do not have a gun. Sometimes the warden will say "jump if you have a gun", and people without guns will start jumping and say "you didn't say lie to die" blah blah, most wardens just kill them as the command implies only if you have a gun, but you also get into the habbit of simply saying "lie to die".
  8. AFK freeze shouldn't include communication, that's silly and far too over the top.
  9. Lino


    So many tommy's have passed through, I don't recall which one you are, sorry
  10. This is bob, when bob was born he was hit in the face with a pan and that's why he looks like this I am the enemy. (the gif was a joke don't take it seriously xd) (that's me)