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  1. I've never known you much nation but the time that i knew you, you were one of my favourites, it's sad to see you go. #RIPNation
  2. Why are people without mics allowed on ct? it just makes no sense, even if mic people do have priority it's just dumb. all warnings need to be vocal.Yet people without mics can say warnings in chat?? that just makes no sense
  3. Smiley


    How do people get signatures
  4. and thank u for saying it was nice
  5. Smiley


    I'll see what i can do, they usually mentally abuse me, but when they get mad the phisically abused me as in slapping pucnhing and kicking.
  6. Smiley


    I respect this opinion.
  7. Smiley


    Since i can't create polls for some reason which is the best food? Pizza Burgers Donuts
  8. What do you guys think? it's my first try at editing
  9. Smiley


    Hey y'all i've just been coping with some of my home life, my parents have been abusive, what should i do
  10. Gonna have to say nachos homeboy
  11. Alright, so since the corona stuff has us all quarentined. How have you guys been coping with it? and how has quarentine been? For me it has been pretty normal, nothing much has changed except for my diet since shops have closed down i mainly eat soups and such.