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  1. @Chaos Boss Remember me telling you how I got jumped by like 6 people in highschool for standing up for that gay dude. Yeah, I got 1 week OSS for that. Because apparently I started the fight. Lame.
  2. Thank you for everything you have done Alex. I greatly appreciate the time you spent to teach me the ropes. I wish you the best of luck in your next adventure!
  3. The I guess part Was a joke. If they are rebelling, fuckem. "Can you turn wub on we are stuck" No? Lol
  4. KOS. Maybe dont use the tele at the same time? Lol. I guess?
  5. Noob

    GP Merch

    Sounds great. But unless you stand to make a reasonable profit. Probably wont be worth the time nor effort.
  6. Noob

    9mm vs .45

    For my carry friends out here. Which round do you prefer to carry and why? I carry 9mm Lighter, can carry more rounds, cheaper, lighter recoil.
  7. Noob

    Worst fights!

    No hero. Just got tired if seeing people pick on this guy. Went to a small highschool. In the middle of bum fuck no where. So the racial, sexist and bigoted shit was relentless. Just got tired of seeing it. Was so glad when I left that town.
  8. Noob

    Worst fights!

    I got jumped in highschool by like 6 dudes because I stood up for a gay dude. He came out as gay and a group of jocks were picking on him and making fun of him for being gay so I told them it was fucked up for them to day that and they are no better than anyone else here. They tried shoving him in his locker that same day and I saw the shit go down. Tried to help the dude and ended up getting my ass beat.
  9. Noob

    Summer Plans

    I mean. Personally, I fluctuate between 1%-5% Generally because I can adjust what I earn. Last year I was in the 1% of my state which changes frequently. But on a "net worth" basis. Loaded.... Sure I guess. Lol
  10. Noob

    Summer Plans

    Possibly buying a new house. Might rent this one out or sell it. Not sure yet. Waiting for the wife to make her mind up. Other than that business as usual.
  11. Could you so kindly make me a spray. General idea for spray. Well, obviously they call me daddy. And I'm the fucking boss soooo....
  12. Well. Being from KCMO I'll always love Tech N9ne. Eminem Enkay47 Stevie Stone Hopsin Rittz Hi-Rez Token Dax I'm sure theres more. I dont normally listen to rap but these are the artists I go to when I feel like thuggin.....
  13. Baja blast mtn dew....