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  1. We are glad to have you here!
  2. You MFK'D and made a pedophilia comment about my daughter in less than a one hour time frame. "I thought you were gonna say 15 years I was about to say I can hit that but 15 months is fine" Good luck.
  3. Alright fellas, what are some of your favorite games to play on your phone. A few of mine are. Gunstrution, archero, pixel car racer and pro series drag racing. These games are in the google play store.
  4. Agreed ^^^^ That recent cat memes are killing me.
  5. About time! Welcome Zach, glad to have you on the forums.
  6. Welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy playing on the servers, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out.
  7. Alright GP community we are talking about sweets. Tell me some of your favorite sweet snacks! A few of mine. HONEYBUNS the iced buns are a bonus, starcrunch, oatmeal cream pies and nutty bars. I'm a sucker for the dark chocolate milky ways, what-cha-ma-call-it bars, Nestle Crunch, Milkduds, Hershey's cookies and cream. I'm sure there are more. I'm just a sucker for sweets!
  8. I feel you man. I've battled with anxiety since a young boy. Had a traumatic event when I was younger and it's a constant battle. But over the years I've learned coping skills and well I smoke alot of weed now so. Lol
  9. Listen here PAL, you can never smoke to much weed in a day. Unless you're some kind of pussy...
  10. Welcome my guy. Have played with you a good amount I the JB server and it's always a blast with you. Some hilarious shit goes down when you're warden!
  11. I mean.... Dont do meth.... Sleep should return to normal.
  12. Alright fellas, we are talking about food and condiments. Name brand vs off brand. Which do you prefer?
  13. Your nose can run and your feet can smell...