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  1. o m g duckii. anyways , welcome to the forums squirrel!! happy to see ya made your way over here lol
  2. Ive seen 1 ct being warden and turning blue but sometimes a t will turn blue like a warden. gets conffusing on the dark halloween maps lmfao
  3. Whattttt???? I didnt know about super chox , i can only find dutch choc lmfao, and i have to go to walgreens in order to get it , and can only get a half a gallon :c
  4. Okay , so as you guys get to know me , youll learn I really love chocolate milk. Specifically one brand. Borden. imo its the absolute best and only good brand anymore of chocolate milk.... Any other chocolate milk lovers out there? Lmk what brand you guys like. Im curious. video because why not. XD
  5. Welcome back!!! Ive heard a little bit of you when i first started socializing in discord and the server , glad youre back and hope to play some jb with you soon!!!!
  6. Thank ya Bonkers :3 Very glad to be here lmfao , excited to play jb with everyone a lot more
  7. Diaz!!!!! Finally see you on the forums too :3 XD
  8. Psychoturtle


    Finally got to play the office map a little while ago , it was amazing!!!
  9. I dont think they know XD lmfao
  10. Hellooo!:3 I just recently started playing on the jb server after a 2-3 year hiatus from gaming all together sadly. Used to play jb all the time and was once in a community like this but they fell apart while i was gone so im glad to have found another community i can stick around. Lots of cool people on jb that ive met so far. Feel free to add me on steam if youd like always looking for new people to play with.