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  1. I just started a job delivering newspapers 7 nights a week from like 1:30 am - 6 am ish and its gonna take me a few days to get used to. Thats also the reason for recent inactivity. Once im used to the schedule in a couple days ill be able to return to playing I can still be found on discord if needed , i have the app on my phone :3
  2. Theres nothing wrong with taking a break especially for mental health and home life. - I wish you the best hun! :3
  3. @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation See that’s where you think just like everyone else. With the experience I have (mainly food and 2 hotels) there’s barely a chance I’ll find a decent desk job near me. My best bet is to try and look an hour away from me (not going to happen unless I get way better or super good pay , which is also very unlikely to happen.) I’ve applied to around 20 places within 30 mins of me , Ive heard back from 1. For a rejection. I called a few that were closer to me that I applied for to check on my app. “Oh they’re looking at resumes now , they’ll give you a call”.... never receives a call. Oh well....... I’ll figure it out somehow.
  4. Okay , so short little update for you guys ; surgery went well , they had to up the power even higher for a bump in the skin that has a bunch of nerve endings bunched up in and they apparently keep growing if he doesn’t fix it I’m not sure , was still a bit out of it when my surgeon was telling me about it. They also had to up the amount of anesthesia by double lmao and finally , got put back to no work until my next appointment. Unlike before this surgery where I was just under certaint restrictions in order to go back to work. Just been down on my luck tryna find the perfect job that works out. But trust me @Tooz @Baby Yoda if I’m not mistaken I already have a bowl pack ready at home that I’ve taken maybe 1-2 hits out of ? So almost an entire bowl just waiting for me to get home and rip the bitch
  5. So as some of you may know already , i have a monthly laser surgery for my burn, well my next one is happening tomorrow. Last time i went , they upped the power on the laser and i have no idea if theyre going to do the same this time. All i know is that if they do i will be out of commission the day of and the day after at least. (1/23-1/24) I may still get on for a little bit but no where near the amount of time im normally on. Like that shit hurt real bad last time but i was still able to get on a little bit.
  6. @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation Did those who post get invited to it or? Cause I haven’t heard anything either ?
  7. 1 super last minute suggestion my brain didn’t click till now , CTs must be actively searching for any rebels ?
  8. Okay. This is a continuation of the previous LOA , but this time I don’t believe I’ll really be on much at all. Due to personal reasons and possibly no longer having a place to live soon , I most likely will be on little to nothing for playtime. I’m trying to find some help both for my living situation and my depression as I just contacted health services today because of an incident with my mother. But I can still be messaged on discord since I do have the app... I really hate doing this as I love playing with you guys but this shit just doesn’t seem to be getting any better.... and if I don’t change something nothings going to happen and I will probably just end up dead. I’m sorry....
  9. Hello all... This is just a quick little short post to let everyone know that until after this Christmas or so, I probably will be a bit less active then I normally am.... Christmas is usually hard due to depression but this year it seems like it’s a lot worse. I’m going to be pulling back my activity a little bit until after Christmas when the mental health services near me opens and I can go there to get a psychiatrist appointment. Id also like to apologize to anyone I may have been rude to or mean to in anyways the past week or so or at anytime. I really am sorry. I don’t mean to be , I just have a bit of stress in my life at the moment and I come to play CSS to distract and be happy. I’m not going to talk any further on that because I just wanted to apologize to anyone who feels I was mean, rude, or downtalking. I will still be available on discord and can still hop on as mod if needed. Just taking my play time down a bit.
  10. So youre gone already ? XD Pretty long Hawaiian vacation
  11. Welcome !!!! Its been a while buddy ! :3 Glad to see you started joining me and playing on GP XD Even if youre trash c; lmfao
  12. UPDATE!!!! A funny picture of shade lmfao , Aaaaaaand , my new kitten : Indica!!!! shes adorable , but she can be a little shit sometimes , as many of you know my setup is in my bed lmfao cause I’m on a laptop , well lately here she has decided to start attacking my hand while it’s on my mouse. And the fucked up thing is it’s just out of nowhere like a fucking crackhead. REVIVE THE PET THREADDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!
  13. wait, meteor, youre same height as me?? XD ohmy i cant imagine that tbh