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  1. Gotta love a car with bull bars!! But here are my two current rides. 2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature series, and a 1984 Pontiac Fiero SE
  2. My elbows are double-jointed and I can bend them backward about 15-20degrees. Well, I can do it with one now, because I dislocated my left elbow in July and lost some motion in that one.
  3. This barely counts as horror, but it is Stephen King; Christine is my favorite.
  4. Kinda self explanatory, but i noticed when I hit on the slot machine it shows pound sterling symbol in chat, rather than the dollar symbol.
  5. My main rig uses a GTX 750 but I also have a GTX240 in storage and this old thing :3
  6. Well you've got me beat, mine's a G630, 2.7gHz
  7. Very trippy. Abstract is the best really.
  8. Yeah be wary buying used parts. I'd wouldn't buy them online, but if you find a deal locally, go check it out. I've had sucsess buying used parts in my city.
  9. Bro I'm still running a Pentium!
  10. Diazepam


    I run through cars like toilet paper lol. I enjoy buying cheap shit and working on them. Currently, I have a 2005 Lincoln Town Car and a 1984 Pontiac Fiero. I cherish the Fiero, it's my baby. The lincoln is kinda high miles, just for daily driving.
  11. So I'm that crazy guy who's always saying stupid shit on the Jailbreak server hehehe. I've been playing here a lot for the past few weeks and like the community. I hope to make many good friends. I also play GTA SA Multiplayer, and I'm good with Photoshop, so hit me up for either of those things.