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  1. When does the server go offline? I think it'd be cool to schedule an event where we all get online together one last time.
  2. Diazepam

    Sad News

    "Fifteen bucks little man, put that shit, in my hand" /shitpost
  3. Diazepam

    First PC's

    I use a Dell Dimension to link 5 webcams as a half-assed home security setup. I got it for free when my brother-in-law's company upgraded their gear. I played with and thrown or given away so many Inspiron and Dimension rigs it's not even funny lol. I've noticed that companies are happy to give you their old PCs when they upgrade, so they don't have to pay a recycling fee.
  4. Diazepam

    First PC's

    That's fuckin sick for 2009! In that year I was running an HP G60 laptop. I bought it with money from my first job (I assisted a family friend with laying tile and flooring) for around $400. 3gb RAM, Pentium T4200 2ghz dual core, 320gb HDD, 15" screen w/integrated graphics of who knows what the hell specs. That's the first PC where I really go into gaming, specifically CS:S and WoW. I built a GHETTO ASF cooling pad from cardboard with 2 fans from old PSUs I had laying around. I wired a toggle switch and a DC power adapter to it. I wish I had pictures of the monstrosity. I was 14 years old at the time.
  5. Diazepam

    First PC's

    My dad had a 1980s IBM PC laying around the house for years. I eventually cleaned and rebuilt her last year. You've got to load Dos into the ROM from a 5.25" floppy in order to boot haha. Getting off-topic here though
  6. Diazepam

    First PC's

    My first computer was an HP Pavilion 8750, and all-in-one micro tower. I believe I was age 7. CPU: -Intel Celeron 633Mhz -Single Core -128KB cache -66Mhz Bus Speed RAM: -64MB SDRAM -100Mhz Memory Speed GPU: -11MB AGP card -VGA Output @ 640x480 -Shared Memory Storage: -1x 20GB HDD -1x 3.5" Floppy -1x DVD-ROM
  7. I have six cats, but this is my main boi, Lincoln. He's the biggest and the oldest out of the bunch. I found him as a kitten in an old broken Lincoln Town Car that my father had sitting in the yard for years, hence the name.
  8. Personally I don't apply any male/female "norms" to myself. But I sway towards the masculine side because of my interests. I enjoy having long hair but are too lazy to treat it with products and such. I also enjoy seeing myself in makeup, but again, it's too much work for me to do it regularly. Crossdressing is seriously fun on the weekends while hanging with friends or partying.
  9. Congratulations! My sister is due for a girl next week!
  10. For me the stressful part is spending money lol.
  11. I haven't been to many places sadly, but so far my favorite was Manhatten, NYC. I felt like big-cheese being able to say that my hotel was on Broadway. The second was Ludington Michigan, a small fishing town on Lake Michigan, about halfway up the coast.
  12. I recommend you guys go read the config file for this addon to get a better idea of how and why certain things work with this addon. As you can see in line #228, you can define which jobs are able to sell meth. Also, note that there is a line that gives three options for how meth is to be sold. I will go online in a minute to test, but I'd bet that Nation is correct in that only certain jobs can sell. Doing it this way should, in theory, force player interaction and generate more roleplay.
  13. We're aware of the meth dealer being broken. I can confirm as well that secret service can't operate doors on the police department, which they should be able to since they're law enforcement.
  14. Whats up!! And yeah I too prefer CSS. Something about CSGO I just don't like. Maybe I'm just stubborn towards trying new things, meh.