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  1. Chippy

    Favorite food

    You have to try it, like at first when people were going crazy over it I was just like "it can't be that good and they're just followers and following the trends" but like 3 weeks ago when i tried it for the first time IT IS THAT GOOD!
  2. Just wondering what phones you guys have, I had the Google Pixel 4 but I dropped it and it cracked it, since I didn't want to drop a lot of money on one again, I currently have the Google Pixel 3a XL
  3. Whats up dude hope you have a good time here!
  4. Chippy

    3 round cooldown

    Yeah I would say slaying the player that chooses it gets slayed because it's not the others fault
  5. Instead of this I feel like we should have a 2 minute timeout each team can use once per game just in case someone leaves
  6. Saw you today in MG you seemed like a cool guy, hope you have a good time with us!
  7. pop eyes chicken sandwich @Mario
  8. Chippy

    Favorite food

    You already know, Popeyes Chicken Sandwich!
  9. Holy shit dude, "not much" this thing is awesome! I love the color on it and everything. I'm a bit jealous right now... XD
  10. Alright fine, I'll blur it out! XD but thx though
  11. Well, I don't really have much to hide any random person can get my tag from the street, I don't have much to hide it's just my name and I'm about to get a custom lettering one