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  1. I love stand up comedy!!!
  2. OKAY I WILL AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON EL!!! and Dat Nation I sent you messages!!!
  3. I do but i'm bad and have no idea what u'm doing in dark RP HAHA
  4. I wish I could''ve seen you in there!!!!! I hope you come back soon and stop in!!! i'd love to meet you
  5. HI GUYS SO HAPPY TO BE HERE!!!! and Ari You got me
  6. So Glad you saw it DUCKII!!!! I saw it at TIFF in September!!! its not gruesome at all but when the violence comes it comes :))))) so glad to be welcomed by you!!!!
  7. I've been playing Minigames and Jailbreak for a month but I am new to this website!!! and ive been playing CS ever since I was a little boy!!! AND I LOOK FORWARD TO BEING HERE A SUPPORTING GAME PUNCH ALONG WITH HAVING A GREAT TIME!!! My dream was to be a standup comedian but im putting that on hold for now!!! In my introductory here I am donating 10 dollars to gamepunch this month!!!! I hope to see you guys in the server soon< now lets smile and put on a happy face!!! AND REMEMBER...… THATS LIFE!!!!
  8. This New Face will be on tonight aswell!!! What servers do you play on? looking forward to meeting you!!! PUT ON A HAPPY FACE!! HAHA
  9. Love coming to the server all the time and seeing such enthusiastic people all the time!!! I LOVE IT