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  1. I'm going to be stepping down from admin and member. I'm sorry for leaving you all, and I'm sorry that it's so sudden. I'm not going to go into much detail here. Just know that I have no ill-will towards ANY of you, and I hope to still remain friends with you all. I'm moving on to other things. Don't be a stranger; send me a message to ask any questions or just to talk to me. I'll still see you all in game sometimes, but less frequently. I wish the best for GP and I hope my suggestions over the past month have been heard. See y'all around, speedy
  2. Damn... more and more leaving... I still hope to see you on some times, thank you for all you’ve done Shawn
  3. Gonna miss you Alex. Thank you for all you’ve done for Gamepunch
  4. speedy

    GP Merch

    I'd buy this for sure. Also maybe like a vinyl sticker of the GP logo, I think that'd be cool
  5. speedy

    GP Merch

    Let’s get some of those anime tiddie mousepads for “wrist support” and put a picture of @Nation on them
  6. Could you make me a spray good sir? I really like these. As an idea you should include my PFP in some way but I’ll leave the rest up to you. I really like nonosquare’s style
  7. LMAO nah bruh. Top = doing the fucking, bottom = receiving the fucking
  8. Glad to see you on the forums pixle! Now make me dinner
  9. If you’re fake knifing a vent to bait out a freekill, it’s on you if you’re killed. Goes along with not finding loopholes in the rules, and highest admin’s discretion. @Assassin Mike literally told you this.
  10. I thought the same as above lmao Go with the top ones, bottom ones look like Jordan Timbs
  11. I believe this is a good solution. It'll help reduce the shit maps and keep the classics, as well as keeping some of the less-known-but-still-good maps around.
  12. I'm not going to remove pardons in this rule suggestions thing because I don't personally agree with it, and also it's too big of a change for my goal here.
  13. I'll miss you trump!!! Please come play sometimes still, it's always been fun with you in the server.
  14. Bojangles needs to sponsor this man