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  1. Corona for young party nostalgia vibes 4loko or a mikes strawberry for disgusting sugar beers that have higher % alcohol and get you drunk and sugar high. I'm no mixologist and I rarely go to bars im basic. Whiskey and coke is my go to drink with liquor, vodka and sprite is also easy and the most tasty imo.
  2. Hot dang thats a bangin new CT guard skin! GP Logo stuff looks great on it. Lovin those little details too, the ID card, Rank, Badges/Patches, Utility belt with cuffs, radio, gives it a good realistic type look naw im sayin Thank you!
  3. Hope to see you all there sounds fun.
  4. Ayo, just made a list of some models, if people like any of them let da world know man. MG needs more skins! MG: - More Super Heroes - Max Payne - TMNT Models - Cpt. Jack Sparrow - Gordon Freeman - Sam Fisher Splinter Cell - Seksy Lady Semi-NSFW - Teletubbies - Weird lookin naruto boi - Seksy bunny Lady Prisoner - Big ass pack of star wars models, I believe it has all the characters. Any of them would be cool, I personally would like to see Yoda or Vader - Woody - Buzz Lightyear - Puss In Boots - Goofy - Fat Santa - Ozzy - Cowgirl Katarina from LoL - Bank Robber - Argonian from Skyrim - Mortal Kombat Fighters - Rest of the Futurama Gang - Niko from GTA IV - Catwoman - Deadpool - Duke Nukem
  5. I agree, lets try it out and see how it all goes and what the pros and cons are
  6. You da best turtle. you are amazing too
  7. Name brand most of the part. I enjoy off brand cereal honestly
  8. Nvidia gtx 970, older card but still good enough for now
  9. Windows 10 and tails. I miss 7, even with windows update turned off on win 10 in services it finds a way to download updates during my gameplay .-.
  10. Hola bandit. Beautiful dog my man he lookin loyal
  11. Not sure what to say, I like to play the Jail Break and the Minigames server. I will try out the dark rp soon as well. Love and peace to you all!