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  1. I have a tough looking pit bull. If I get 4 likes on this ill show you a picture... (Lowkey a lot of work)
  2. Xidle

    Music taste?

    I mean my two favorite artists passed away. I listened to XXXTENTACION all the time in high school and it was just shocking when I heard my friend tell me what happened to Jahseh... Assassinated: June 18, 2018, Deerfield Beach, FL. Juioe Wrld is definitely another rapper I really enjoy! He was a very talented artist and I really enjoyed listening to his crazy 3 hour freestyles. Sadly Juice Wrld overdosed December 8, 2019, I still listen to both of these Legends today and I will always come back to their music! I could mention many more rappers or singers I really enjoy such as, Lil Baby, Kodack Black, Gunna, Future, Lil Uzi, Moneybagg, 21 savage, etc. But Juice & XXX really inspired me and kept me entertained. It's sad to see someone so motivated, open minded, and passionate to pass away. They were young and made it to the top quicker than anyone could. XOX 999
  3. I"m going to say Warzone is the WORST game I have ever played. Unless it is a solo buy back XD... Honestly though!
  4. I drive a Nissan Sentra Lmfao..
  5. That is a very good point, though @beksinski. If it also comes down to no terrorist having a mic and CT ratio is low then maybe they could help out to keep CTs balanced. You Feel?
  6. In my stance, I feel like a CT should be prepared to use a mic just in case they become last CT alive. I don't really think in chat orders are valid enough for some people on the server. Not everyone may look at chat as consistently as others. So it wouldn't be such a bad idea for CTs to be required to have a mic.
  7. Yo @Sleeping Forest what's your GT or Activision im on xbox for this tourney.
  8. Also,im sorry I didn't say this before but I also signed up in the brackets! @Chaos Boss
  9. Yo @Chaos Boss who should I link up with on xbox before this tourney starts?
  10. I would most definitely say that's a very hard question to answer! Although I really feel like warning Ts is respectful and allows the player to have a chance to have a fun round. I don't really see the point in ruining someones round (Especially full server lobbies) when they are clearly not rebelling. When you see a T rebelling then of course they will be KOS. I am really not the person to "Nazi" over credits.
  11. Yo i am so down!! MW gunfight is my shii good luck boys!! I will even be streaming this tourney so check me out if you want @Xidle_ on twitch!!
  12. Xidle

    It's a habit.

    Hey everyone, My worst habits are biting my nails (nasty ass) and smoking to much weed in one day....
  13. Happy B-day my guy, you might not know me that well yet, but hopefully soon while chatting with all you wonderful, amazing, beautiful people, I will hopefully get to know everyone who is active on the GamePunch community. You seem really funny man, but I will see you around in the servers !! Yo boy Xidle