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  1. Thats not Lean, Thats the mass shooter Sam Hyde. He can't keep getting away with it.
  3. Bruh, Nobody needs to be informed about piece of shit iMacs Smh why would you even bring up an apple product to anyone. Anybody that thinks macs are a viable option in 2019 and thinks people should consider buying one needs a reality check, you're just burning money. Windows has the same kind of options and is just infinitely better and more user friendly, its insanely easy to find and install plugins or software for windows because more people make software for windows. Also go take a look at Steam/Origin/Gog/Uplay And go tell me how many games you can find that will run on a mac (Btw even if you do find any all of them will run on windows) And on top of that ANYONE THAT OWNS AN IPHONE Is just the owner an expensive paperweight fashion product, that you can't really do shit with besides call people and play microtransaction phone games/send nudes. You have to upload everything to a cloud you can't go into the files on the actually phone, you can't run any sort of emulator, everything that's supposed to be simple takes 20 steps and its just a horrible experience for anyone that knows how easy it is to use Android. But if you're some e-thot and all you do is party and take mirror pictures of your butt all day for the gram its perfect because you're retarded anyway. Fuck mac, Fuck Iphones, Fuck people that defend apple. if you're reading this and got mad you have shitty taste in electronics smd. OH AND ONE MORE THING Check out apples customer support for one of their last 5000 piece of shit trash product iMac Pro
  4. Hmmm interesting but no How bout this. round:1 everyone gangs up on connor and beats him 2 death. round 2: Dunder anal ices the situation and realizes that he needs to save his energy for huge later on in the fight and lets Indi tire himself out trying to bhop around everyone, Ephex gets distracted by Ninja dust from Huge and falls down and stubs his toe taking him out of the fight due to the extreme blood loss round 3: Indi is taken down by Dunder and huge due to his exhaustion from failed bhopping relatively early and the rest of the round is Huge v Dunder circling each other and telling yo mama jokes round 4: Dunder drops the mother of all mama jokes and while Huge is wiping tears from his eyes ends the fight with a mean right cross. Fin
  5. Ok how would you even beat dunderbuds Huge have you seen the guns on that guy. And I wanna know how Indi beats dunderbuds without mod powers meteor.
  6. Hey guys i'm here today to find the answer to the question i'm sure has been bugging all of you since the start of this great nation know as Game Punch. Which one of the the Higher ups is the Strongest/Stronger in a fight. And how would this hypothetical situation take place? A unforgiving super secret super dank cage match in the heart of GP. 10 pure rounds of pure violence in its most pure form of purity Allowed Melee Weapons Preparation before Hand Tears Begging Trickery Beautiful women as a distraction. Ugly women as a distraction. Ninja Dust A Single HeftyBag Trashbag as chest armor 1 round tag in by Tech N9ne Not Allowed Guns Tanks Guns w/Tanks Tanks w/Guns Autos Samira Super Powers Magic Fire/Water/Earth/Air Bending Mod Powers Enjoying Harry Potter. Screenshotting Facebook memes Anything with an iFunny Watermark. Jb_carceris Discuss Below, And i want some serious discussion This needs to be settled once and for all. At least until more Manager+ are added. Personally i think it would be Dunderbuds because in my mind he looks like this Let the ass kissing commence.
  7. >Thinking i'm not gonna keep spamming Connor with all of my ban reports congratz ephex ily
  8. Zachariah

    AWP damage