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  1. Nah, I ain't finna be apart of this explosive nuclear war. GP used to be tight. Now its literally one say against another. Now I know I still don't play as much as before, but I hop on and have fun here and then. But now its a bombshell about to go off. People fighting over the smallest shit, and people waging wars over big changes. GP is def not the same as it was before. I'm happy it got bigger and more popular. But the community is way more volatile than it has been. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING can set half the community off on a tangent of "FUCK YOU" energy. Wish y'all the best idk, shit this community has seen better days. @Logical @Dunder @Chaos Boss @Connor McJesus @Alex @Assassin Mike y'all play it chill and stay safe. I'm out again yehaw
  2. Yo actually sad to see you go, definitely a real player and dude. I come back to this like a week ago and now you leaving. Definitely not what I wanted, but if that's what you need to do to get rid of these trolls or just anything in general. I respect that. I wish you the best for your life and hope you to see you again someday. And honestly fuck any of those trolls. They suck irl and in game. Stay gold Pony Boy. Er, man I guess in your case.
  3. I work at Fancy Mediterranean Restaurant, we dress all black, tucked in shirts, clean every hour and use "manners".
  4. I love gp, really do expeciallly how bonkers thinks he is good. Anyways, I haven't been on server or servers in while. Don't think im doen for the perma name of one username. Love GP none the less tho, but I don't think I'm fit for go I mean it's actually been months since I've really played on any severs. And I also just like having a funny name but any, love most of y'all wish best of luck, I'll still join server whenever I don't work and don't have work next day. Don't really have good reasons other than that. <3 GP
  5. Burgers all the way, don't say any MacDonald's
  6. DDDDDD:::::::::::: Ephex will never be missed, you a true og GP member and a gamer, I wish you the best and the most towards your family. Stay Gold Pony uh, Man, or boy. (If you know the reference)
  7. Woooooooooooo

    Mod+ Meeting

    50/50, packing last of stuff, and a guy is supposed to come by to look at place to buy, also random electric outages have been happening lately. Nvm can't make it sorry.
  8. This dood can't aim on scrim, but is pretry cool dood tho, pretty chill. Who needs to aim when you still win. Awesome to see you here on gamepunch.
  9. December 4th, I will be moving, I don't know when I can get back on, I will try, but just don't know exactly when. Yay, moving fun Oh yeah, probably won't be on a week before or so, because will be packing computer and stuff.
  10. Omg, that is the cutest kitten Ive seen, and Ive had 3. Name him whatever you think best fits him, likr how he may act, what he reminds you of or a name similar yo another animal you had that you loved. I would call him Tiger.He cute but a winner.
  11. Only had it once when I was 10, woke up, trembling, sweating, panicky, thought I saw blood on the walls saying shit like "You're next", could only dart my eyes over the room. It felt like my whole body was like pins and needles stuff, like when your legs fall asleep on toliet. Lasted 30 seconds or so. Then cried for like a hour petrified
  12. Bearphobia, I dont want to ever see one or be near one
  13. The ultimate justice would be to get rid of Vayne's true damage max health right click honestly.