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  1. Hey! It's been a very long time since I talked to you. Great to see you back.
  2. Hey!!! Welcome to the GP forums! I hope to see you on the MG server.
  3. Sad to see you go, Why do need to delete your account? You can just hold on to the account or sell it to get something more out of it. You were really nice and I hope you come and talk to us on discord time to time. Good luck in the future.
  4. Did anyone see the new Mac pro? The new Mac Pro starts at $5,999 for the 8-core model with 32 GB of RAM and a 256-GB solid-state drive. That can be configured up to a 28-core model with 1.5 terabytes of RAM. A new Pro Display XDR monitor—a new Apple product as well—to go along with your workstation will set you back another $4,999 for the base model, bringing the cost of a full setup to $11,000. And that's just the entry-level configuration. This is crazy how much it costs. What are your thoughts on Apple and this product? Info gathered by and other sources
  5. Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  6. Pretty sure ur computer would crash. XD
  7. Hey can you make my spray gradient shift through different blues blues. Thanks Further = Darker Close = Light Blue (If you need a non text version I'll upload it)
  8. something like this or ?
  9. Anything that is (A) non-visible, (B) breakable for an ability/feature/weapon, or (C) weapon in a location that is not in armory, (D) can be assessed for an additional feature is a secret in my books. (A) Like the ladder on razor (B) Like the cell in the 1st cell on razor (C) Scout on top of the wall of soccer or weapons in cells (D) Like the lazer in the space map or secret doors (with pressing E on a invisible button and passive doors). In my opinion yes it is a secret. I think this is the only secret that is actually used for a game and other CT purposes.
  10. I hope it won't take to long before u come back.
  11. Hey I am just curious what team do you want to win this year.
  12. oh... I did not see this coming. It's been great playing with you as well. Good luck with college and other obstacles that you may encounter in the future. I hope to catch you on the server(s).