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  1. Show some images bro! I know i've seen it but get the lazy people who cannot be bothered to open it up pumped to see the map too, get some screenshots and show it off here! It'll get people more interested in your map! Show it off!
  2. the water texture is not applied to the side im guessing, you've applied water textures to the top but not the sides, so it's showing a nodraw texture on the side of the water 'block'. Apply the texture. And with going back into the vent im not entirely sure, perhaps make a func_brush to cover it up, and then make it not solid that'll hide away the weird buggy thing. If you send me a decompiled version I could take a look. Hope that helps! Any issues mate give me a shout, happy to help. Thanks also mike for the shoutout and nice words:)
  3. thanks man! sorry for late reply, i'm not on forums much, really dig it bro! thanks!!!!
  4. I'm currently taking a break with mapping atm, need to sort some stuff out with work and my relationship. I'll be back to mapping soon, i'll get it fixed when I can sorry for the long delay guys.
  5. I'm not a weeabo before you judge but here you go: I'd live in Japan within a dojo type of house (I love their architecture) within the rice fields where it has plenty of hills all around, so I could wake up in the morning with a cup of tea and in a robe and if it was raining hear all sound from it as I walk out onto my deck and see the hills of ricefields. Listening to that and seeing that with a nice brew is so bliss. It's like my ultimate dream destination
  6. You can play it now, not sure if indi will add it or not, up to him. @Glow
  7. Map has been updated, look at original post. (Is now playable)
  8. Ok as title states: Whats your favourite general APP? Whats your favourite game? (Obviously for phones/ipads/ipods) Mine are: Spotfiy and 'T Monsters'
  9. @Dexstein Have you continued with this? I'm in the works on a DE map and would like to use some of your work! I'm going to make some of them framed images in a house, if you can mate send some of your work to me and ill frame it up and make it a texture. I'll credit you in the map too mate!
  10. Sam fender - Very underrated. He's a punk artist and i've never actually liked punk but he's making me like it.