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  1. Very cool maps bro, you seem like you got the creative mind, embrace it lad!
  2. Dig it mate, pretty sick looking imo, keep us updated on the full sleeve bro!
  3. plum/moofinz

    Mod+ Meeting

    I will be there but not for the community meeting, just a bit too late for me. All the best, God bless.
  4. Warhammer Chronicals: The Von Carstein Trilogy - Vampire Wars Loving it tbf
  5. I recently discovered this fear, but open water, I dread the feeling of not knowing whats under me, I'm fine with pools and general swimming in a little lake, but out in open water where anything can be underneath you scares me, I only found out this fear last year when I went to greece, had a panic attack and legit it freaked me out. I always imagine something is going to grab me and pull me down.
  6. So I've yesterdays Steam update just hit, and I find it really annoying how I can't view 'small mode' now to see all my game list, is there a way to get that back? Also i'm curious, what are other peoples thoughts on the new update?
  7. @/-/ypeR Lthl Vector #MIA I've spoken to Blur about this issue and it appears its not a major bug, it has no effect on gameplay nor latency/download issues. All it is simply doing is removing the glow effect from the ghosts I'd imagine from my perspective. It's just a log message and shouldn't cause any issues, if it does lead to any please tho do message Blur or a Mod+ so we can see to it. Thanks all the best, God bless.
  8. 219, 220, 221, 222, 223 Thanks, all the best, God Bless.
  9. Yeah pretty much what they've stated above. Worse case scenario is just delete the map from your folders, and then rejoin server so it'll re-install the map.
  10. I watched 'The Grudge' when i was 9 with my babysitter, then my baby sitter fell asleep so I was practically watching it myself, had solid nightmares for 5 years lol
  11. Make a climb with office props, i.e computers, chairs vending machines and stuff, would fit theme!
  12. Can you give an example for 6? Pre-pardon, is that like if a Warden says "Kill this CT for me, and then I will pardon you?"