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  1. Total war: Warhammer 2 Destroy all humans 2. (Good pick btw Spud) Mount & Blade: Bannerlord (And its not even complete yet) XCOM 2 Skyrim Spore Unreal Tournament 2004 All these games I keep coming back to every so often to pump in tons of hours on end. Love them all and they're top tier.
  2. I've seen a few servers where they have extra players added. So more than the typical x4 player. Seen it go up to like x20 players and x20 infected. Was really fun tbh, I could see that happening, I'd play it quite often too tbf.
  3. For some good laughs: Stimpy -> watch his mordhau videos, good laugh. PaluluMan -> PUBG but with great edits that are really funny. Crowbcat -> Great edittor that rinses games/consoles. Interesting watches: Astartes p1 - p5 Les Twins - Dance duo Jabbaworkeez - Dance crew that are amazing
  4. Love the idea; Having hats limited to a certain gang, you could categorise this as certain coloured hats to a certain gang. Perhaps start a gang purchase of 5k or something to join a gang, having maybe 4-5 different gangs. You could include: 1. Gangs having a certain plugin advantage, for example a certain gang might be able to suicide bomb, one gang might be able to spray their spray three times, another gang can purchase a smoke grenade? Has some great potential here. 2. Gang only hats, certain colour of hats are to a specific gang. 3. Future events, rivalries of gangs on certain events. You could even do easy segregation in trivias, games etc. 4. Backstories, you could even go full out on RP and provide stories to each gang, where they came from, what are they, what do they consist of and add some fun to it. (Spices up the gameplay a bit) 5. Incentivises people to save credits up to join a gang. [If someone joins, and sees theres 2 different gangs on the server, they might want to try join that gang, this will want them to play more and put in effort on getting credits to aim for joining.
  5. I've seen people reform themselves, I hope to see that you do too.
  6. Whoever gets it wrong its there problem. sheesh no need to be a nazi police
  7. Glad to see you back again, good having you around.
  8. Hey bro, seen you play a lot of CSGO lately! Welcome mate.
  9. Potential. I still think this too.
  10. Mate honestly seen you grow professionally from the bottom; would much prefer you take a month/however long you need LOA. Sort whatever you've got to do but take as much LOA as you need and just come back. Though you do what you gotta do mate. You're a good lad and should stick around. Take care of yourself.
  11. plum/moofinz


    Only tip I be giving is to the misses. Nah I only tip though if I thoroughly enjoyed my time. (I understand the tipping out there in America is different there as they tend to make most their money on tips and such I believe).
  12. I don't find it difficult. 1. Present yourself through text 2. Interview to show yourself off. 3. Learn about how to Mod. -> Possibly become MOD if they think you're good enough. It's a straight forward process. It counters: -> Mods not knowing how to do things. -> Unconfident people applying. -> Show your true intentions prior to being a mod.