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  1. FURIOUS FRED, I want him as an uncle.
  2. No need to apologise, mate, your intent was humour. They didn't find it humorous, it's on their end. Not your fault they didn't find it funny.
  3. Looks sleek and tidy mate. Keep at it, get some creative games in there too, try thinking outside the box lad with some game ideas. Mixes up your map a bit and makes it a little bit more iconic. Add some strafe race/ski mountain/lava run/cannon games just to add some flavour to the map rather than it looking like a different layout of a map with copy and pasted assets games (Not saying you do that btw). Introduce more games so you influence other mappers to add different types of games too bro. Other than that keep at it bro, you know what you're doing
  4. UK Rap that I Love: American Rap i love: I think when it comes to American rap, I love the old-style hip hop.
  5. Open waters, I hate the fear of open waters where I can see so much under me and also not being able to see what's under me. What runs through my head is the fact that its miles and miles deep that anything in those miles beneath are lurking under your little feet. The opportunity to get dragged down with no real ability to get free, then its the fact that you may have to swim ALL that distance it pulled you so long for is terrifying. Strange enough I never had this fear all my life, I only developed it in 2019 when I went to Greece. My other fear are bugs with loads of little legs, especially those that move fast. Millipedes honestly would freak me out, its the fact you can feel its little legs honestly creeps me out.
  6. Fred and squid are honestly golden characters in the community. Liquid gold comes out of their mouths of just talking bare shit all the time.
  7. Dunder - Gets shit done and doesn't pee abooot with things. Honestly, I think him leaving will be a huge downfall to the community. He is not afraid to speak his mind too. Pudding is probably my favourite mod - Watched how she handles things and she's very level headed and balanced. Seen a few lads discuss political things and even tho the majority of everyone favoured a certain political side, she still told them to drop it. I think if she used her mic and built that confidence up even further then I could imagine promotion ranking up. Overall level headed lass. Favourite admin - Probably Shawn, even tho I do not see him on much, when he is on, he is putting his foot down and calling things out. He knows when to stand up to things. I remember when there was a slight rule problem with some certain person and nobody noticed it once except me and him, he understood about it and called it out before I could (when I was an admin). Isn't afraid to step up and surprised it took him so long to promote tbf. - Chaos was close to leaning in but he's still pretty fresh. Server manager was noob - but yeah, my man gone =(
  8. Ace song mate, just think your voice needs a bit more aggression to it, since the beat goes hard, so should you bro.
  9. To include this you'd have to disable their ability to press any buttons/use doors. Seems like a lot of work. IMO I think it would be really nice as it'll allow players to explore newish maps/unplayed maps whilst being dead. Although I think to counter the boredom of sitting dead and doing nothing would be to include some plugins such as !snake / !tetris, I've seen them being used on other servers where you could play a little game of tetris or snake to bypass time at the side of your screen, but again that'd be a lot of work.
  10. Yeah map games I don't agree with as I think everyone loves being a bit cheeky with a cheat to win. But LRs on the other hand are completely a way to screw over a CT.
  11. Happy birthday Grandad! Congrats on the 50th!
  12. (I'm saying this because, imagine a new player has joined the server. For some reason he's made it to LR by playing games. He picks race and is totally unaware of the 'NO CHEATING' thing and just gets absolutely blasted on his pick of LR) Personally I think it does more harm than enjoyment. Not welcoming and pretty dirty way of playing. [I know some people like to play dirty, but for the benefit to new players/not-regulars have a think about it]
  13. Before I go into reason on why I think this should be implied, I'm going to give a few anecdotes to show you what I've seen and why I think this should be included. 1. Ts have managed to get to LR. 1 Terrorist has picked shot 4 shot to play Gun toss with a Counter terrorist. The Terrorist explains his rules "Furthest gun wins, away from the stairs good luck". The Counter terrorist throws his gun furthest and wins by a landslide. That terrorist then killed the Counter terrorist and simply said "I never said anything about cheating". 2. Again a terrorist manages to get to LR. He picks race. In that race there is a gun to the side near the start. That terrorist then starts the race but goes straight for the gun and shoots up the CT that is doing the race. I don't know if it is just me that dislikes this sort of way of playing but I think its no good for the server, this is only my opinion though and was wanted some input on other people. I personally believe that if you chose to do a race, you DO THE RACE. If you chose to do a GUN TOSS COMPETITION: do the gun toss as you've stated. I think if you want to cheat, you should somewhat state 'Cheating allowed'. I'm not sure though, would like to hear others opinions. Whats the point of picking dodgeball - to then whip out an m4 and pop some caps in a poor mans heart? (As funny as it is)