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  1. Glad to see you back again, good having you around.
  2. Hey bro, seen you play a lot of CSGO lately! Welcome mate.
  3. Potential. I still think this too.
  4. Mate honestly seen you grow professionally from the bottom; would much prefer you take a month/however long you need LOA. Sort whatever you've got to do but take as much LOA as you need and just come back. Though you do what you gotta do mate. You're a good lad and should stick around. Take care of yourself.
  5. plum/moofinz


    Only tip I be giving is to the misses. Nah I only tip though if I thoroughly enjoyed my time. (I understand the tipping out there in America is different there as they tend to make most their money on tips and such I believe).
  6. I don't find it difficult. 1. Present yourself through text 2. Interview to show yourself off. 3. Learn about how to Mod. -> Possibly become MOD if they think you're good enough. It's a straight forward process. It counters: -> Mods not knowing how to do things. -> Unconfident people applying. -> Show your true intentions prior to being a mod.
  7. If they're not confident to step up and such then yes as long as they've been addressed about it first. We should have a requirement of being able to listed prior to joining. Stronger mods is what we're wanting not people who are 'kind' and 'never seen them break a rule so +1'. So a stricter process of entering is ideal. If we see Mods CURRENTLY slacking, I think they should be addressed by a admin+ and told about how they can improve. [If they don't over time, then demote].
  8. I can understand that; though when you're on the server and see mods slacking it comes apparent. So weeding out weaker future mod-applicants is ideal. Not going to lie we should be stricter on our mod applicants and I reckon this is a step in the right way.
  9. I think thats a good shout that. We could make it apparent that they are NOT moderators untill they pass all 3 steps. Yeah I rate it and support it.
  10. I also vouch for Beks' suggestion. CT with MIC prioritise over CT without and can be switched for a T with a mic IF THAT T ASKS.
  11. plum/moofinz

    Mod+ Meeting

    Can't make it, going camping with the Mrs. If someone can make notes would be appreciated!
  12. scricco VW, 1.4L Turbo 210 BHP. Love my lil shaggin waggin (This isn't my one i just couldn't be bothered to scribble out my nameplate, but it looks identical to this).
  13. Seriously: improving Not serious: Loud (as dick)
  14. FURIOUS FRED, I want him as an uncle.