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  1. my suggestion is remover the machinegun from the rebel LR ,, and put the AK instead but then also with 9999 bullets
  2. Mr.Tony

    Map Suggestions

    is a old map but i realy want it back i dint play it for like 10 years and i play the game sinds it came out the mape name is,,, XIV its for MG
  3. Going to miss you bro ,, you did a excellent job
  4. tattoo,, a sleeve on your arm
  5. dead silence , stay alive , etc........ i have many favorite movies xD
  6. eggs with bacon, mushroom, tomatoes, and grated cheese
  7. Mr.Tony

    Mod+ Meeting

    i'll be there
  8. Mr.Tony

    Auto Hopping

    i also think for jb , its not a good idea , but it will be nice on mg for poeple that can not bhob,, however i think you should learn it i'm also very bad at bhop but every day its going better and better
  9. We have the pink one tho xD jk but indeed it whould be funny to have female skins lol
  10. I work in a furniture store. and my secondary occupation is tattooing