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  1. Mr.Tony

    Rule A08

    this rule yea personally i don't have problems with it,, but i also understand the other side becouse i understand its not fun for people who are actualy gay to be called faggot and stuff ,, but at the other side i also think ,, tf its a fucking game ,, play gt5 on pc or ps4 or whatever you hear this shit all the time ,, call of duty also ,, its been using everywhere in the gaming word all over the world. i would say put the staff in the midle of it ,, if a person ask to stop calling him that ,, then just stop ,, if they don't listen he gets punished. thats my opinion about it.
  2. my suggestion is remover the machinegun from the rebel LR ,, and put the AK instead but then also with 9999 bullets
  3. Mr.Tony

    Map Suggestions

    is a old map but i realy want it back i dint play it for like 10 years and i play the game sinds it came out the mape name is,,, XIV its for MG
  4. Going to miss you bro ,, you did a excellent job
  5. tattoo,, a sleeve on your arm
  6. dead silence , stay alive , etc........ i have many favorite movies xD