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  1. gucci

    Mod+ Meeting

    I just got called in for a meeting at work for 3pm. I’ll only be on for the first 20-30 mins of the mod meeting. edit: I will not be able to attend this meeting
  2. Hiking, mountain biking, paintball, basketball, FL studio
  3. Welcome @Vectorix, glad you made it to the forums
  4. Welcome to the forums quip!
  5. If staffs willing to do a quick interview on discord I support this. Mod trainings already required but completing it before getting the position isn’t a bad idea either +1
  6. I agree with pudding. I like the idea of making the mod application votes be confidential, assuming this would lead to more honest feedback. I'm also 50/50 about the promotion recommendations. I feel like getting the community more involved in potentially promoting someone would be cool, but if people just vote on who they like more rather than who has put in the most work then that ruins the whole point.
  7. I haven’t talked with you much, but I’d like you to know that the work you put into the community hasn’t gone unnoticed or unappreciated. It sucks this is the way it has to end, but hopefully we’ll see you around in the future.
  8. I like it how it currently is. Out of all the CTs on the team, only 1 of them can kill without warning, which is the warden. I like it this way. In my opinion most rounds are already long enough.
  9. Typed ‘jailbreak’ in the server browser and it was like the only jb with players on it
  10. Damn, I didn’t think last night would be the last time seeing Sleeping as admin You were an outstanding admin, with a great personality and energy. I wish you the best of luck with life, and hopefully you come out of retirement at some point!
  11. So sorry to hear that Mario! I know what it’s like to lose family/close friends. Stay strong my man.
  12. gucci

    First Phone?

    I thought I was so bad ass with this phone when I was like 12