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  1. Carb

    Mod+ Meeting

    Can’t tell for sure. I work usually half days on Saturday and sometimes I’m off by that time and sometimes I’m not. Just depends on the install I’m doing that day which I won’t know until that day. As long as it’s possible I will be there, I shall do my best! Čarb
  2. Love ya dude! It was great working with you take care , and hope to play with you more soon!
  3. Yeahhhh I missed it lol. Just found out
  4. So way back in the day , when CSS was booming I absolutely had a blast playing zombies. It is such an OG gameplay, that was always super packed. I wondered about who would be interested in the makings of a zombie server for gamepunch. Feedback is much appreciated! Hopefully I don’t kill @Glow with another server 🤍. I feel this would bring a lot of new players in, and I would definitely help support the server in its uprising, with anything I can. Ideas? Thoughts? Čarb
  5. I’m not sure about others but I try to watch this as much as possible and if someone is hogging it round after round, while another ct wants warden , I simply private message the warden to not take it the next round as they have got warden so many times In a row , and need to allow others the chance. If someone is hogging it and you want a turn just reach a mod..we almost always have a mod on (or at least try) I feel it’s just something we (the staff) have to monitor , and be fair about. Trying to enforce a coded rule like that would be chaotic , and most likely make things worse.
  6. Carb

    Moderator Meeting


    Your my hero
  7. Carb

    Moderator Meeting


    I will be working this Saturday , but I may be able to make it. Just depends how fast I finish my install and get back home. I won’t know until the job is finished Saturday..
  8. Hey guys I’ll be slowing down just a little bit next week. mext Monday - Friday I’m training two new employees , in which case I’ll need to make sure I go to bed early enough, and not staying up too late. Hopefully I actually own up to this lol CSS over life!
  9. Let’s just see what your set-up is! Show it off!! Here’s mine
  10. Congratulations to everyone! Each of you have worked super hard for this ! @Assassin Mike You should have been co leader long ago I think , and @Dunder I have seen how much effort you put into GP, I think it fits super well for you ! @Connor McJesus this was a no brainer , I’m so happy that JB is under your belt with @Noob, you guys are absolutely the best choice @Bonkers your a scrub and @AlexI have enjoyed playing with you recently ! Need to get more time in together ! jk @Bonkers you already know how I feel @| NOFD | Who Dat Nation Congrats you have worked super hard for it! You got this ! goid job @Element115
  11. Update: She is mainting her oxygen more and is steady..ish. My activity will pick up close to normal. Spent a lot of time with her past few days and think I don’t need to spend long nights there anymore just daily visits after work.
  12. My grandmother was recently put into hospice (again) and is not going well. I have been spending as much time with her as I can after work and gym training. So if I have some less time on here it’s because of that. I will update as needed