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  1. Alright..This sucks, but it’s needed. I’m stepping down , affective immediately. There are many reasons as why, but the main reason is October I am starting my own company. I need to be able to prepare and focus on that and work currently , to prepare for that. It’s a huge step in my life and I want to spend all the time I can on it, without the responsibility of other things that are not essential. I have enjoyed playing with every single one of you, I tried to keep it fun and fair. I always have done my best and I hope the time spent that I put into this community was worth it. All of you hit my life in a special way, that I appreciate. I had a blast with all of you but it’s time to focus on myself. I really hope the best for GP, there obviously has been issues but so much potential. I will still play and get on now and then, but for the most part I’ll be focusing on my life. I hope you all understand and the best!!’ I love y’all! respect x1000 with sad regrets Čarb
  2. Agreed, 100 percent. We all see how we act as a team on the server and we can give the best honest opinions on promos/demotions..I approve!
  3. Carb


    4 dogs 3 cats 3 Boston Terriers, and a Doberman 2 Devon Rex’s and Bombay cat
  4. Sorry for the super late comment.. really sad to see you go buddy , I hate it went down like that. Whoever crossed those lines are fucked up, I hope they get what’s coming to them. mic known you since day 1, and we may not have been the closest but I enjoyed your company and always loved messing with you. Your a great dude , and deserve better. You did so much for this community..I hope to see you again my friend. Much love Čarb
  5. Sorry I never got to reply, recent events going on I was not able to be online and pay attention. Will miss playing with you bud and thanks for everything you did for us! Be great to see you around!
  6. Carb


    Wtf you steal my puppies? @deskvader
  7. Carb

    Best Warden

    I’d say @Noob, but maybe me
  8. Damn forest..why..that literally dropped my mood down..I don’t want to do this without you! I love you buddy! One of my favorite people to play were amazing. Please please don’t be a stranger
  9. One of my decent ones I guess..could post more but
  10. Motorcycle accident at 65mph , should be dead and completely destroyed my foot (2 surgeries later Iv developed chronic arthritis) or when I get completely shit wasted in a cruise ship and ended the night at 3-4am got to my room went to the toilet and just fell,..broke my nose and concussion from the rim of the toilet
  11. Thank you Indi for taking the time to make this post..thank you Dunder for being the amazing person that you are , and all the time you put into Gamepunch,..obviously things have been all over the place with people leaving, rules changing, mods coming and going, and trying to tighten down on how the staff handles a situation. There will never be a perfect server. There is always a’ flaw(s). I have been here since the very beginning and I love how we have grown as a community and family, but I do remember the old days as more fun, and running smoother. I know we lost some key players but we have other plays who can step up to help that. There are definitely some things that need to change , and that takes time to figure out how to do so appropriately. Everything we do as a team has a snowball action sets off another. Everyone will have their likes and dislikes about our community , it’s part of it. I think overall we do a pretty damn good job, can we improve? Of course! Maybe a weird alternative suggestion but hell I might as well shoot my shot..there are quite a few OG players who left GP but were rather huge in the community as a whole ( such as Tech N9ne, Bonkers, etc)..all of them have a reason for leaving..(or banned)..but what if we took some who used to be gp, or outside source who care about GP but won’t be part of it that is active on the servers. Group them together and have a talk with the staff. See why they left, what they don’t like, what they think would make us better as a whole. Bring their thoughts into our gameplay. If people are leaving the community that love the game, there is a reason. May it be personal, or tired of toxicity , or dislike of how things are ran. Why not listen to their key points? Maybe it would help to see what their thoughts are. I feel we also should express that in the forums we have suggestions anyone can post and is read on the daily! Just because your not a member of staff does not mean you don’t have experience or creative ideas. We all have our own opinions. I love this community, and I know we can do better. Indi your a good dude with lots on your plate,..but I want you to remember, the things you do , represent. Your a good leader just need to remember who you are in this community, your the biggest effect to everyone’s gameplay. (Not saying that I’m a bad way, just reminding you how important you are) I know I haven’t been as active as I used to be but I really try. With two new puppies, the extreme busy stream Iv had with work since Covid-19, and on the side preparing to start my own business it’s hard to have the time. But anytime I’m needed I’m there. I’ll always make the effort. I used to be really crafty with computers , as my dad owns his own computer consultant company (coding, building computers , etc) it’s not hard for me to pick up but it’s been years since I’ve done anything close to that and don’t remember a lot. I’m outdated you can say lol. I’m willing to help as much as possible and make the time you need. Just reach out for whatever you need and I’ll do my best to help in whatever way possible. I love all of you guys, and really appreciate everyone’s effort and time into this community, we got this , we will strive and become even better! Čarb