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  1. If they didn't have Jim Carey to make Ace Ventura or Liar Liar, then they shouldn't have even bothered making the movies. I have really been enjoying him in that TV show Kidding. I just finished season 2 this last night.
  2. This our most recent foster bb. He's 6 years old and was found abandoned. The charity we work with got a tip there was a friendly cat who was homeless. Luckily there has already been some adoption interest in him, hes a good boy.
  3. "I got soul but i'm not a soldier" Is the dumbest song lyric of all time
  4. I still don't know anyone who cares about VR yet. It's too expensive, keeps making people motion sick, too expensive, computer hardware requirements are too high and it's too expensive. Having said that I would love to borrow someones Quest or Index and try it for a weekend. My neighbor had a Virtuaboy growing up and I actually really enjoyed playing that back in the day. But right now, I'm never gonna buy VR equipment.
  5. Lol.....truth is really stranger than fiction, isn't it? Restaurants in DC have been doing that for years though because there's so many homeless etc. The bathrooms have keypads on them to keep people from using the bathroom without buying something. One of the dumbest things society has ever done imo.
  6. Thats why i said i didn't understand his situation but i hope he gets healthier.
  7. Weird how you claim to be a disabled veteran but you can walk 50+ miles in a week! I'll never understand it but god bless, I hope you're getting healthier!
  8. I just tried L4D2 on PC and its much better. HMU, I'll be around this weekend
  9. I already talk when I'm dead by (redacted)
  10. Death metal/Death n' Roll I like metal you can tap your foot to