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  1. Great job everyone for keeping this place thriving. The higher ups and the common player all contribute to keep a community flowing. Here is to another year of gaming and friendship!
  2. that's whats up! keep fucking crushing it. don't settle for shit, comfort is the killer of creativity. mad props!
  3. not too bad! I vibed with a few of them do you make these for fun or do you have plans on making it a career? also do you have somewhere I can follow your work on? stick to your craft and you can go places.
  4. For starters, I'm glad we are doing some modern thinking by discussing adding a modern game server with a game that has an abundantly bigger player base than CSS. Retake servers are fun for training and warming up before a game, I play them often. I can see getting a population on them, however the gamemode uses only about 6 or 7 people at a time to play. If you are trying to get jb numbers I don't think a retake is the best option. Have you looked into 1v1 or FFADM servers? there's really only a few good FFADM servers (to my knowledge). I'm also 100% down for a CSGO jb server. With that in mind, it would be saddening to see the pub server go. This community has deep roots in CSS and not CSGO, I feel our community would be more active on a CSS server than a CSGO one. Overall, I think if the proper resources were allocated to a CSGO server we could grow our playerbase by a lot, especially seeing as how CSGO has a much larger population than CSS will ever obtain again. I personally would be active on a CSGO server if GP had one, I love CSGO and play everyday.
  5. I already record clips via shadowplay and make vids of them from jailbreak. I don't do it often but I'm sure I can produce some content. I also live stream jailbreak and put the server info up for everyone.
  6. How many of you read books or other stuff for fun? Not many people do but it's okay, you are lucky to have an entire world awaiting you! There is almost unlimited amounts of information in books that can totally change your life! Entire life times of information are available to you in text form, just take a dip one day into a book! Take a topic you like and find a book on it! I can almost guarantee your mind will feel things like never before once you get into a book! I personally enjoy reading about ontology ( Ontology is the philosophical study of being. More broadly, it studies concepts that directly relate to being, in particular becoming, existence, reality, as well as the basic categories of being and their relations. ). One thing I'm reading right now is "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes. It breaks down the origin and reasons for having a consciousness (you know, the whole thing you are experiencing right now xd). It's been blowing my mind with it's ideas and opinions. If you want a digital copy of it to check out I can send it to you on discord! I'm also reading a book called "How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big" by Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert comics) in which he talks about his struggles and techniques for making it in life. It's basically a self help book but not so much, the writer has a dark tone when it comes to "self help". Check it out or I can send you a digital copy! Another book I'm reading is "Black Rednecks and White Liberals" by Thomas Sowell. It breaks down where stereotypes come from and why race relations are the way they are. Did you know the reason the South in the US is so different is because when the British was sending people over here to colonize less educated and poor people came from a shitty part of their country. It's said that the entire Civil War might not of happened had more educated and well of people colonized the South from overseas. Let me know if you want a copy! I'm reading so much more than listed here but I also read the bible, tanakh, quran, and study spiritual texts and philosophies such as Zen and Buddhism along with the 3 other popular faiths. I also read psychology and sociology. I typically read on a Paperwhite Kindle. This thing is a god send, the text is so easy to read like a real book and I can just download any book I want usually for free. It's great. Let me know if you have any questions or want a suggestion for a first time book!
  7. 420 intellect here I read about ontology and get supra good feeling
  8. turn a long time friend into a lover
  9. we were down to negative 55 windchill it was insane the last few weeks really feel for all the people sleeping rough
  10. hey if you want to connect with people on social media, post your profiles! lets see those beautiful faces! my twitch is /blooperlive