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  1. I would highly support a MC server and back in the day I used to develop for a Dutch server. I think if we would do this we would to get more in line with what e.g. Hypixel server does. Provide a great standard Survival experience which can port over to PvP with various other modes on the side to do something else then building. Though I’ve not been really playing in the past few years (I dipped when it got fully released) I would consider developing again if people actually want to see this. Especially due to the quality of 3rd party servers not being great most of the times (lag, mining blocks which reappear and all other types of nonsense) I think GP could add value in this by hosting a quality server.
  2. And even then IF Admin+ can do it, I feel like there should be a strict guideline on how many times an admin can initiate this (like once every 2 hours or so), especially as mentioned before it won’t be a special day anymore. If this is done, I still feel like Staff+ shouldn’t have a time limit for special days but still be able to initialize them at their own discretion.
  3. Would GP consider expending to Minecraft, since this is contains a huge player base and with some development there would be so many things possible?
  4. I know that I left mw2 out, just a little reasoning why it is a close fourth place for me. CoD4 modding was just next level and even many years after, there is still a large modding community active in CoD4. The thing is that pub’s in mw3 were for me just a little better then mw2. Especially the gun balancing on mw3 is imo just slightly better and especially the maps were just great. Like every map on mw3 was just balanced and I never left any game due to the maps. But I gotta agree on the fact that the old mw series and bo2 were the GOAT. Tbh I am hoping that the new BO Cold War will get back some of that spirit and hopefully TreyArch will do what they are known for, great support throughout the year without bringing bs updates and extra maps whilst the core is broken (*ugh* looking at you Modern Warfare 2019 *ugh*)
  5. For me it has to be Call Of Duty, since this was a huge part of my childhood and brings great sentimental value. If I have to pick it is hard but I’ll bring my top 3 greatest CoD’s: 1. Modern Warfare 3 2. Black Ops 2 (pretty much the latest great cod we have had) 3. Modern Warfare (and NO not the new one, this is also known as CoD4) Though these 3 are great in their own respect and are really close in the rankings for me.
  6. Whoa man that is sudden, hope you'll get everything sorted out. Always were a chill dude and definitly will be missed by many. Cya out there hopefully
  7. You should definitely use that name man, fits the purpose and I even here in the Netherlands I've heard people call joints a Doobie so probably more people will get the reference. Hope to see you online soon!
  8. Makaj


    Here I feel it is less strict then in most countries, our lock down is pretty much over but the state still recommends to work as much as possible home. Luckily loads of company's are doing this and loads of them are even looking at permanent homeworking solutions as in most cases it can bring many advantages if you implement a (partial) homeworking solution. Offices are open though for this partial necessity of getting to office, but all the offices have to obey to state regulations (e.g. "corona workplaces", which are 1,5 m apart and work from home as much as possible). Also public transport has started up again to facilitate all these people moving but these have strict policies of wearing a mask (which you barely see in the Netherlands in any other place because it is non-mandatory in the public places) Bar's and restaurants are also opened again but under strict regulation. The tables need to be 1,5 m apart (or have some form of an empty table which you cannot sit at) and you have to register your phone number at the entrance. Next to this shops have a given person limit which is based on the amount of space you have in the shop, next to that the shops are highly encouraged to distance people as much as possible. This can be implemented by forcing customers to take a cart and keep this as a sort of measuring tool. Though depending on the shop this might not always be happening correctly, but which this they risk a high fine giving to the shop if they do not show enough effort to uphold the social distancing. Schools are also opening up again which have some different regulations going on. For primary schools kids just go back to school because research says that at this young age you're not affected by the virus. Teachers got to keep distance as much as possible. For high-schools I am not fully informed but what I understand is that they are encouraged to start up again with classes where students just can come to school (also no masks) and have a partial digital schooling at home. For university or the equivalent of what you call "college" have rules more in line with the rules from general public places. Which means social distancing where possible, with a majority of classes taken online and only classes which you need some specific classroom are allowed (e.g. labs). The most amazing part is that all these regulations got in pretty quick and we have really low infection and fatality rates whilst upholding and not so strict regulations compared to the world. Next to this loads of dutch people are obeying the social distancing requests and barely any fines get given to the general public. As it looks like this will not soon be over but luckily the policy can quickly change since we have a corona work group which is authorized to bring any changes into effect when necessary on a short term whilst being fully focused on speaking with researches and all other sources to look at solutions and the progression there is made with the understanding of the virus. I feel like typed enough for now about how we handle corona, hope to see some other countries listed as well since I'm also curious how other parts of the world deal with this.
  9. Got suspended for a day because I was doing my coding homework (website programming and database work) on the school PC’s and our IT guy walked behind me and pulled me from class because he thought I was hacking the school server even though I was logged in onto my own remote server and doing some commandline stuff on there. Later got an apology for that but still some people are dumbasses.
  10. Makaj

    GP Merch

    To be honest I like the idea but limit it to like mousepads, the shirt idea is great and all but in the end I'm guessing that with a few exceptions most items will not be bought due to it being niche. It would just be a shame that items get ordered and you get left with dead stock laying around for months/years.
  11. Well I didn’t have any great pictures so I just took a quick selfie today. The second photo was taken about 2 years ago whilst given sailing lessons. And yes, I do have a babyface and I’m proud of it
  12. This is just simply my new goto spray. So amazing and thank for the work. I freakin love it
  13. I would love to order an extra large cursed spray. Would be great if you include the following of some sorts: "| Good Sex | No Stress | One Boo | No Ex | Small Circle | Big Checks |" Yallah habibi, stop delaying! any other burn/roast towards me would be great Love to seeing the result, as the many before me were also so great. Thanks already for the great effort for this.
  14. Makaj

    Summer Vibes

    Hey everyone, since it is getting hot here (my balls are really getting sweaty Adam) and also the corona regulations becoming less strict, I was just wondering how you spend your time with this beautiful weather. To start, I’ve been sailing a lot again and just enjoying my time in the nature/water. Next to that I’ve bought a slackline which tbh I’ve spend way more time on then I expected. (Thanks to the stranger at a local park to let me on and try it) Next to that the occasional drink at a local cafe/bar is also a great way to finish of these hot days. Next to that as not all of ya know is that I love to cook and so of course I’ve been lighting that grill up and had some great variety of smoked fish on from my Big Green Egg. Would love to see everyones responses, might bring me up some more ideaa.