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  1. Kingdetox

    Rule A08

    I think that it should be allowed towards your friends such as me and @Dunder going back and forth but if i say it too someone and they say that offends me then ill stop
  2. lets go another map i can rtv at the start of the day
  3. I understand there is a lot of immature people but at this point what nep nep said may be true because a lot of the words some people get offended over are used a lot on the server and a lot of people will probably leave at that point
  4. Joined the server accidently used a old admin key bind from a different server and was instantly banned for a week. I then came back to being perm ct banned for no reason since that was my first time on the server
  5. you put this in the wrong channel bud
  6. Mine is acting up and i need some kinda cheap good suggestions i've tried fixing and it wont work so im going to have to buy a new one
  7. @Noob we got some strong guesses here
  8. Drop your answers below we have a few people thinking 83 which sounds about right but i wanna know your guys opinions?
  9. Best of luck ephex, you were a great staff and helped alot thanks for all you've done
  10. I may be on here and there but i got some stuff to focus on right now there's a lot going on with school and stuff and i got to focus it wont be for long just until i get focused a little bit and caught up this wont be for long though