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  1. i like your ideas. i was thinking of making one myself tbh. the one i posted above was made 9 years ago. no promises tho.
  2. this i assume
  3. I'd 100% at least try to host a HL2:DM server if there was interest. HL2:DM was my first game ever. I used to play build, RP, coop, puzzle and killbox servers on my Dad's account as well as normal HL2:DM, and I'd watch him play with his clan (The Sanctuary UK, which are long since disbanded but their servers remain up). Not only do I think the game is great and very underrated, I'd love to see its return. I also think HL2:DM is a great game for first time mappers to make maps for. Both my first maps were in HL2:DM. HL2:DM is very nostalgic for me.
  4. Luciλ

    Rule A08

    it's exactly what happened in titanclan. everything was fine until people chose to start complaining or discussing the non-existent issue. if it ain't broke, don't fix it
  5. Luciλ

    Rule A08

    The people who choose to be offended by them are the people that give them power. exactly this.
  6. Luciλ

    Rule A08

    Stupid PC shit like this is what broke up Titanclan. Don't let it happen again. Imo words are just that. WORDS. People who are offended by them clearly just have very fucking boring lives. I think that as long as they are not used as an INSULT TO HARASS PEOPLE it is totally fine. I'm part of the LGBT community but I don't cry about people using the word faggot because that's fucking dumb. Can we shut up about this bullshit and just play some jailbreak now?
  7. i have some ideas, not too sure about jailbreak maps though at the moment
  8. this one? it's already on gp's server. i have other map ideas before i do any more new jb ones tho
  9. sounds interesting, an aperture themed jb map of some kind
  10. Hello everyone For the past few months (on and off since October tbh) I've been tinkering with map concepts and whatnot, and now finally I have something to show for it. I present to you: jb_tellexx! I've gone through so much rigourous testing with this so I hope that everything is all good. It should be up on the server later today! As for the theme: Music is a big helper of inspiration for me. This map is themed around the lore/aesthetic of a band called "I Don't Know How But They Found Me". (iDKHOW) (Tellexx isn't a real company lol). Constructive criticism and suggestions are always appreciated! As you might notice, the name is "v1b" meaning there can definitely be more versions with even more things added as well as fixes for anything I might've missed! This has been a daunting experience for me as well as a valuable one. I've learned a lot from making this map and took my time trying to make sure everything functions as intended, so I just gotta pray everything goes smoothly heh... Thanks bois! Changelog: (Significant fixes/changes are highlighted in bold) jb_tellexx_v1c Added glass around colours pit when not active. Fixed colours so that when the stop button is pressed, it will play whatever colour was last chosen (if there is one) and then properly stop. The glass will activate just before the end to allow Ts to leave if they wish. Made jumprope able to be played more than once when it automatically finishes. Fixed pushscale issues with dodgeball and soccer. Fixed weird visuals outside of the map due to nodraw brushes. Fixed a few weird visuals in the pool. Changed the time of day. Spruced up the cells' lighting. Added some new sfx to medic and slightly changed how it functions. jb_tellexx_v1d Fixed colours/colours glass so that it will properly reset at the beginning of a new round if it was active when the last round ended. Made the armory brighter (finally). Updated one of the songs in the disco. Fixed some misplaced dustmotes. Fixed the clipping issue with weapons in soccer. Weapons should now be able to freely leave the field (kept forgetting to do this rip). Adjusted the cell button so it no longer looks like a door..?