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  1. Anything for csgo PH clan tags not being there ie. Mine
  2. Yeah I did I do every winter. Just out ripping donuts and drifting around
  3. I have the dodge ram 1500 and Chrysler 200 turbo. Picture was from this winter lol
  4. Murphy


    Hes a mix chocolate lab just about to be 4 in a few days little buddy goes every with my when I'm home
  5. Almost losing my ring finger on my left hand back in high school. I had a co-op with a heating and air business. We where putting brand new 6inch ductwork in a multimillion dallor home. The pipe came apart from the 90 and a 4 foot chuck of pipe fell and hit my finger. Got blood from the basement all the way to the front door and it was all marble floor. Got into the work truck wrapped it in old McDonald's napkins and electrical tape. Well 9 stitches later and cauterized vain still have no feeling at the end of that finger.
  6. This is Remington or Remi for short hes a lab/hound mix