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  1. Crosshairs are a personal thing. You'll have to find what works for you. I used to play with just a dot like people have said above, however i now play with a small + with a gap in the middles. Small enough so it doesn't block anything out, large enough to still see. A colour that won't clash with the different maps, and a gap so when i'm aiming i can see their head in the gap when trying to go for headshots. As Logical said I don't think it really matters for CSS but for a game like CS:GO where I play competitively, it's kinda key but as i said. It's a personal preference
  2. Now I said all that, my desk disappeared... Goddammit KC!
  3. I said that name and my monitor started floating off the desk.... What in the fuck
  4. Yea dude i love those toys. :mong:
  5. Signed up! Looking forward to this event guys, good work!
  6. It's when someone is asked to choose their LR partner and we're all sat there looking at them like:
  7. Krave or Wheatabix chocolate chip mini's are my favourite cereal.
  8. I was in EgN from like 2015 which is how I know Indi. Then years later obviously EgN went down the drain, but I saw @plum/moofinz load up CSS so I thought I’d load it up and see what he was up to, and found GP like that. Stayed and enjoyed bumping into loads of old mates from EgN and such so I stuck around and here I am today.
  9. Majestic


    I've got Nvidia GTX 2070 Super
  10. We don't talk about it because it's fuckin stupid
  11. We don’t talk about this. -.-
  12. I had plenty of detentions, put on report, internal isolations and shit but never got suspended somehow