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  1. I've already spoke to you in discord on how I feel about this. I understand there wasn't much choice behind it. I know me for one, appreciate everything you've done here at GP, you made it far and could've made it further. While I'm sure you could've made it further, you did well and were an excellent Staff. I wish you nothing but the best for your life my guy. Stick around, don't be a stranger!
  2. An honourable farewell to a true treasure of GP. Thou shalt be missed. Gone, but never forgotten.
  3. We've already spoken about this and I hate the fact I knew it was coming... The reasons behind you leaving are vile and wrong. You shouldn't have to leave for a reason like this. Everything that you've done here at GP will not be forgotten. You've got the skins you've made, the skins that will be made I'm keeping your name on them. You've been a true friend and you've helped me improve so much while here at GP. I'm glad that we finally managed to server together running the same rank, because you were always a rank ahead of me. Over the time since I got admin we started to bond. It's been an absolute blast my dude. I wish you absolutely nothing but the best for the future. You know where to find me if you need me. Much love brother.
  4. Nice to see you've made it over to the forums my dude. Been a while since i've seen you in game but i'm sure we'll run into eachother again
  5. Event finished. Thread locked. (Note from me: Well played everyone! Thanks to @Chaos Boss and Gunner for setting up this event.)
  6. sm_vote "Ban Nation?" "Yes" "Also yes" [SM] Initiated a vote: Ban Nation? [SM] Vote successful. (Received 76% of 21 votes) [SM] The answer to Ban Nation? is: Yes. [SourceBans++] Permanently banned player "GP★| Who Dat NATION" (reason: You have been voted off the island.). Sorry man, the vote was cast. It is what it is. It's been an absolute pleasure working with you Until next time baby cakes
  7. Most likely something in between hopefully. Something big and spacious like the SUV but not as actually big like it. Probably going for a hatchback type of thing. Maybe an estate. Depends what's about and what I can afford. My insurance isn't cheap anymore ;-;
  8. Both of the cars I've owned have ended up written off and scrapped so, I can't show you my actual cars as I don't have any pictures of them. However, Google is my friend. This is the same as the first car I ever owned. It's a 2000 Volkswagen Polo. 1.0: After that one I then got one of these. It was decent and I only lost her about a month ago: I'm not currently car-less but once I get sorted from paying for the last one ^ I'll be able to sort myself out with a new one.
  9. I don't know Rust but seeing people like Bonkers play it before I'm not fully opposed to not getting it so maybe i'll give it ago one day.
  10. Courtesy of @Nation and obviously @Noob
  11. Crosshairs are a personal thing. You'll have to find what works for you. I used to play with just a dot like people have said above, however i now play with a small + with a gap in the middles. Small enough so it doesn't block anything out, large enough to still see. A colour that won't clash with the different maps, and a gap so when i'm aiming i can see their head in the gap when trying to go for headshots. As Logical said I don't think it really matters for CSS but for a game like CS:GO where I play competitively, it's kinda key but as i said. It's a personal preference
  12. Now I said all that, my desk disappeared... Goddammit KC!
  13. I said that name and my monitor started floating off the desk.... What in the fuck