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  1. There were a few times where I probably crossed the line, so I was a bit worried that me and many others were at risk of getting banned. I definitely overreacted like a retard.
  2. What is defined as "toxicity?" If I say a mean thing to another player or play as a strict warden for a few rounds, does that mean I could get CT-banned and silenced for 2 weeks without the possibility of appealing it? Kinda sounds like bullshit to me. These new rules are incredibly vague and can be twisted and turned by mods+. But hey! If you disagree with this flawed set of rules, then you're just a nasty, toxic troll that shouldn't play here! I can understand banning someone over shit like this. Where he is straight up attacking everyone on the server, calling people child predators, harassing them, etc. But there are other enforced rules that can get him banned in this case, such as "disrespect to higher ups," or "threatening to ddos." If he's abusing the admin DM system, then silence or ban him over that. If he's intentionally trying to ruin the experience for everyone on the server by spamming childish jokes, then silence him over that, but please be a bit more specific with these new rules and improve them.
  3. Welp, there goes half the community
  4. This would be a fun special day on JB. Both sides can revive each other, until one of the teams get eliminated
  5. I want to see all the weird shit. OysterSoupKitchen.mp4
  6. Did someone just reccomend me an actually entertaining YT channel?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHOwG8Z9odxz7L14CwK9eMA The only weird channel I watch
  8. I'm so fucking bored that I literally don't even feel like getting up off my bed. Recommend me some Twitch streamers. Or else............ .
  9. Isn't The right opinion the guy who made a 4 hour documentary on Nikocado Avocado?
  10. Well.... We could first of all start with the overall history of the community, then later on write about specific members, events and such. One "historical" event we could add is this classic video
  11. Lets make a GamePunch Wikipedia article to help document the ridiculous shit this community managed to put out over the past year.