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  1. Betta fish (Insert zalgo text here) Not my aquarium fyi. DASH_1080.mp4
  2. Personnal idea: I was thinking of having GP establish a complete anarchy Minecraft server. It would be fun seeing the community also expand to Minecraft. Why an Anarchy server? Because building massive and elaborate lobbies for minigame or survival servers is far too time consuming and expensive for this community. On an Anarchy server, the amount of plugins necessary is also very minimal. If GP were to establish a Minecraft server, what would it be?
  3. If you had a JB server on CS:GO, then you would have some VERY fierce competition between you, EdgeGamers and other Jailbreak communities. And also, exactly what @iLeow said previously.
  4. I didn't even know those two had a Discord. I'm not stealing any ideas. I probably had the same idea as those two. Sorry for the confusion. EDIT: Can you DM me their Discord?
  5. I did say that it would be a pain in the ass to do because of the large quantity of maps that this server has. It is just a suggestion after all.
  6. War Day When the warden types in a command, the Ts get teleported to armory and are frozen for 20 seconds to give CT's the chance to go to the warzone. Doing this would probably take absolutely fucking forever and would be too much of a hastle. Special Day The warden should be able to do a single special day per map rotation. It's fucking stupid that only like 8 people out of 2000 could actually instate a special day.
  7. People seem to REALLY hate COD Ghosts. Why?
  8. Lol i guess no one besides me and Assassin Mike have aquariums
  9. Never knew that piranhas could be omnivorous. Huh.
  10. Out of curiosity, what do you feed your pirahnas? I know that regular fish flakes won't feed them sufficiently.
  11. The only hobby I have besides gaming is taking care of my aquarium, I'm trying to get more into map building and drawing
  12. Hopefully the piranhas aren't being kept with the guppies