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  1. Isn't 7DTD like completely abandoned by its developers?
  2. The key to avoid getting involved in fights is to avoid contact with everyone.
  3. Jacob Geller is incredibly underrated
  4. It's a game that every gaming Youtuber plays in the span of 2 weeks, then just toss it to the side
  5. * I personally regret buying Holdfast: Nations at War, since the game is only ever popular on EU servers. * I regret buying Civ 6, since the game isn't really my style and never found much enjoyment in playing the game. * Another game I regret buying is Pavlov VR. Basically CS:GO in VR. It is guaranteed to give you motion sickness after 10 minutes. * Last game is Gmod. I hate how it takes 8 years to join a server, and every server I join is filled with 10 year olds.
  6. Here is my YT channel
  7. I wish I had shadowplay on my potato laptop
  8. CS:GO is very good for competitive play and helping children gamble from an early age. CS:S has a sort of 'charm' to it. It isn't that great competitive-wise, but it has countless amazing communities (such as this one).
  9. Only the rap battle part of this recording is relevant. Don't bother listening to my annoying ass voice further in. TheChaoticRapBattle.mkv
  10. Post recordings you have from the GamePunch servers here for all to enjoy.
  11. The bottom panel of my laptop has these unique screws which are impossible to remove if you don't have the right tool. Also, when I mean the thing is making weird noises, I mean they are terrifying to listen to, as if the whole thing is about to explode. Mix this with the fact that it suddenly stops (Is the fan jammed?), And after all that, you really don't want to touch it, and instead leave it to someone who knows what they are doing. Also, I don't know how to fix laptops. I am more experienced with fixing towers. EDIT: I was thinking of recording some footage of the sounds it made, but I'm afraid the CPU will fry up.