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  1. Is it possible to join Ct side once found? Or have option to?? Then the pressure will be on when there is only a couple to find? Just an idea.
  2. I like this idea. But like everyone is saying freekilling would be an issue. But you take the good with the bad i spose. Be interesting if this ferry work?
  3. That would be fun. The old Freedom Gamer servers i used to play on used to have 64 im sure. Can be fun but can be a nightmare for CT's lol
  4. You would put 50? players that can join straight away. Obviously they would be players you know. I feel it would prevent free killing as new players cant come straight on and freekill Glad some off you have seen it done before. Thought it might have been a wild goose chase lol
  5. Now i am a new member been looking over rules and stuff What if all new people that come onto server has to play T's for 1 hour before joining CT side. I feel this would prevent free killing Just a suggestion not sure if it can be done or not?
  6. Hi there fellow gamer's. Just thought I would introduce myself I'm married with 1 child so playing CS is random for me at time lol You may have seen me on the servers been playing them for about a month or two. I'm from Auckland New Zealand Love the Jailbreak server have a good laugh sometimes. And i get excited when everyone starts to rebel haha. Look forward to seeing you on the servers. Steam Id 76561198049378794