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  1. Audi r8 matte black...a beauty
  2. Let me guess why,,,bc it looks like a duck?
  3. Happy new year
  4. This rule doesn't really affect you as a T though. You either choose to be a rebel and run away or you stay frozen no matter if 1 step out is automatic/implied or not. I agree with all of this. I mean I go afk sometimes for a couple rounds to spectate new players who might not be familiar with the game or if we suspect a cheater. However, asking us to get on just to sit in spec all the time and babysit players is not something you can expect us to do lol..At the end of the day, we are regular people, not robots, and we want to have fun, play and be able to enjoy the game as much as anyone else. Therefore, while we're playing, sometimes it's IMPOSSIBLE for us to see that one freekill that happened behind us or that bait by a CT couple seconds ago. We can't see everything and that's just that. Our job is to make sure the gameplay has flow and runs smoothly, and it can get really difficult doing that when you have a bunch of players complaining about 10 different things literally every 5 mins saying "do your jobs, slay/swap him/her" "are you blind" "admins dont do anything". Because truth is, if there were no mods/admins at all, server would be chaotic and unplayable, and most of us get so much shit thrown at us while we're making sure the server is organized and can be played on without it being unenjoyable. So don't say we're not "removing ourselves from the fun to watch over someone for the betterment of the community" when that's exactly what (most of us) are doing lmao. So damn easy for regular players to get an attitude and complain about us "not doing our jobs" and then go on playing on the servers that we make sure they're able to. I've had at least 5+ members telling me how they appreciate what we do after becoming mods and experiencing how it is.
  5. pudding

    Member tags

    What doesn't make sense is you complaining about it after 2 months of being a member when one of the requirements is to wear it on the servers meaning you know what you signed up for
  6. pudding

    Member tags

    Whole point of joining the community is to show you're part of it. If you don't want to wear the GP tag in the GP SERVERS then why are you a member?
  7. pudding

    Favorite Candy

    Ew Anything sour is my fav period
  8. Wolves and turtles And dogs ofc I'd die for them
  9. pudding

    Mod+ Meeting

    Busy with work not sure if I'll be able to make it but I'll let you know