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  1. Wolves and turtles And dogs ofc I'd die for them
  2. pudding

    Mod+ Meeting

    Busy with work not sure if I'll be able to make it but I'll let you know
  3. Wow no one expected this no cap on gang. It was fun playing with you seeing you die within 10 seconds into the round of you wardening. Thanks for all the work and effort you've put in and everything you've contributed. Good luck in the future!
  4. iridocyclitis cash me outside why are u gae hi okay look at all those chickens are u going to finish that croissant 2 shots of vodka i love my daddy, my superhero
  5. Not really. You can be liked in the community but still be bad at your job. Assuming you're aware of how immature some players can be. I've come across lots of people who would 100% vote and recommend a player to get promoted simply because they're friends with/ like them and not for the amount/lack of work and effort they put in. They are everywhere unfortunately ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Tbh private comments on mod apps wouldn't be such a bad idea but idk. Reading other people's perceptions of someone and how they behave/act on the servers is a good thing but then again you should vote/comment based off of your own interactions with that person so... I would also like to say I'm kinda 50/50 on the whole recommendation thing. The concept of it is alright but it's nearly impossible to not make it personal when giving recommendations. Like a really liked mod getting the most amount of recommendations for being liked and not for actually doing a good job. I think it'd be biased and unfair. But then again, it's a decision made by the management+ team so the question would be how much do people's recommendations influence that decision?
  7. Nah lol. Let’s say there are like 20 T’s and only 3 people that got mics and want to play CT. Shouldn’t people without mics be able to go CT to back the team up and help out? Wouldn’t this just ruin gameplay? I get it can get confusing with the warnings, but tbf the chat is there for a reason it doesn’t take much to write out warnings and if you don’t see it that’s on you tbh :shrug: This is gonna ruin it for a lot of people without mics that enjoy playing CT and actually do a good job -1
  8. Woow I did not expect you to look like this. You're so pretty wtf Also: This the face making those woman noises????? xd
  9. pudding


    Got the deathly hallows symbol from Harry Potter on my forearm cause I'm a nerd Imma get more on my arms when I'm older
  10. Got broken up with couple days ago so I'm eh But thats life. I hope you'll feel better soon
  11. No tbh in my opinion there's no fun in wardens having to warn. It is definitely more challenging and fun when wardens are strict. It also defeats the whole purpose of wardens taking control and ordering T's to do things since I doubt people will listen and the warden will basically be like any other CT. I think the warden having to warn will just make it chaotic and delay the rounds. Maybe an adjustment on the trick/transport order rule would benefit the gameplay and prevent T's from getting killed by transport orders but I definitely vote no on this.
  12. Welcome to the forums, hope to see you ingame
  13. Nooooo this is why me dandy and mario were spamming admin chat in blackops and asking you if you were gonna leave sleeping we saw this coming This is really sad we all loved having you on the team you were a great admin and so fun to have around. Hope to still see you around take care