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  1. this ^ is true and this 1 comment ^ kinda sums up what gp members and regulars have become. salty ... without any arguments ill be seeing u around tekneeQ
  2. Step 2: "my spray is right here on the ground guys" -> kill the guys going to the spray. And u have lr
  3. our boi trying to flick a person next to him and he spins outa control lol what is your mouse acceleration at? just wondering i got 4k dpi (i think) and 2.23 sens in game high dpi low sens is best u can have
  4. then probably shouldnt mention it on a topic thats obviously meant for noobs, just my thoughts on that for the rest its fine
  5. point 3 is bs tho warden's job is to get to lr. u should never intentionally move t's to area's they can rebel from. its against the "gameplay" and not doing your job as ct so might wanna scratch 3 if t's cant rebel on their own than thats their problem
  6. Been a while dude. Hope to see u soon ingame
  7. Sup people I'm terminator,obviously, I'm a css player and got over 4400 hours. My laptop is broken and can't run game anymore so I play less then I used to at the moment. Some may have seen me but most probably haven't. So ye, I come from Belgium, 18 year old and soon becoming 19. Just dropped out of university and am searching for a renewed life on css with a different community that has JB since its basically all I play. If u got questions u can ask them, idk what u would want to know tbh. Indi made me make an account, hope u happy now