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  1. And the next cool dude to leave this place, not many cool dudes left. Cya dude,best of luck to u and ur family
  2. i quit jb so u gotta pick somebody else
  3. It's worth a try, but if it did become a thing I would suggest leaving every "advantage" people could get out of the raffle of what they can gain. Maybe like do something with a skin, credits, but I think changing people's speed and stuff is bad
  4. So a form of pay2win Depending on the percentages of the abilities given or taken like speed and whatnot this could easily ruin the games. Like, if a few guys from gp, which usually donate get the speed advantage and stuff, I couldn't do race anymore due to it being unfair. Soccer would become unfair aswell depending on the rules of the game. Since the speedy guys are faster at the ball. More hp gives unfair advantages in stuff like dodgeball and perhaps even duck hunt depending how u look at it. This is just alot of stuff that will get complained about and it's so worthless imo. Like, if a few guys got all positive advantages and all different, and u wouldn't say that the games are unfair if they got the higher speed and abilities that give them an advantage, then u are basically saying that the random people should pay gp so that they could possibly have the same unfair advantage. And sure u can say "it's only an x amount of percentage in which they get good stuff, they can also get bad stuff" But u dont think this will work both ways? This is just bound to bring up problems
  5. Lol logical, I hope u told the mods and admins who told u that it wouldn't be over, Simon says that is, how wrong they are lol If the game is over then there is no need for a simon and Simon's orders arent "valid" anymore. Whether or not he is still called simon or not, the game is over so regular orders take over again and everybody should have gone to the spray and frozen, how can that not be clear and obvious to some people smh
  6. Why go over the effort to make a whole new topic over something that is already clearly in the rules or that is just simply common sense? And no, its.not like u guys tell people to go to forums if it doesnt lead anywhere lol, it's more of a "I did this because of x reason, dont like it? Go to forums or I'll mute u for disrespect and spam" from what I have seen most of times, again not generalizing, there are some that will actually talk without pulling the disrespect card And ye, I gave up on discussing the small issues because nothing ever comes of it and it's all covered up with the "they need to learn still and nobody is perfect" excuse all the time. Like the perfect example of it is Mario almost slaying me for something that wasnt a freekill or the mods not paying attention when the ct walked out armory past 630, I mean, isn't mod an example role? Ahoulsnt they be paying attention to know what's going on? Or a better example, on a map we rarely play the mod himself came out armory past 630, I've seen ppl be slayed for it constantly yet when he did it, I guess nobody needs to know, when I said " u left armory past 630 " no reaction. It's just skipped under the rug together with all the other stuff that isn't seen as "major issues" Its always the same excuses, same reactions, and its always all the mods on at the time forming 1 group against the complainer and if they cant win they just mute or gag. That's literally how it goes, the only one I have openly seen step up against another dude was shawn, and then he got shitted on by other mods because of it lol. Cant tell mods they are wrong openly or u get shit on apparently.
  7. I already tried the "discussion" way with mods, it doesnt work, eventually they just say " go to forums" so there is no use in doing so. Some are open to it, sleeping was one of em and we didn't always agree at the end but at least I got to say my part without getting slammed by the "that's how it is go to forums if u dont like it" Its literally not worth my time to tell mods " ey u shouldn't be doing that could u just do this" cuz usually its go to forums, dont backseat admin stop disrespecting, drop it or I'll silence u. And u are one of those aswell. But its whatever, If I see the guy being open to my opinion then sure, I'll have a civil conversation for as far as I'm capable of it, but if I say " do ur role properly" or if I tell the mods to stop being hypocrites and they call disrespect I mean, what u expect me to do. Usually it's those same mods who complain about me killing them, and when people complain about me killing them they are among the first ones to say " ye hes just a nazi ass warden" "hes no fun" blah blah blah all that bs As mod u gotta be neutral, have your opinion but dont show the. In your handling of stuff.
  8. Read what I typed. "If the ratio was like this the whole map I wonder why they didn't switch" If the ratio was 4-20 entire map than u guys should have swapped and stayed ct without a question imo. Here it got said now that it was back and forth, so I can understand that there is a round or 2 that has a bad ratio, I get constant rebeling and for some people it's impossibleto control, yet if it's so difficult to control u shouldn't take warden knowing u cant control it. It's simple logic really. On the other hand, when chaos got mod and told it in server I said " another mod who doesnt know rules" because from what I have seen he doesnt know the rules entirely. Which I have as a basic requirement for somebody wanting to be a mod. If u want to "quote" me, use the words i used. I barely ever use "fucking things up" when i talk about mods. Everybody knows my opinion on most mods around here. U got some good ones, like shawn for example. But u also got really shitty ones. New or not, i hold them to same standard, knowing rules and paying attention If some ct comes out of armory after 630 because he decided to camp the vent waiting the see a T come out, and he makes it out armory to late while it happens right in front of the mods, i suppose they should see it, or at least see the armory door open and have the brains to think "why is the door open when there is no T in there" i called it out but none of yall saw something apparently. Happens right in front of ur noses but i guess "mods cant see everything" is the easy excuse to go by. If mods do a good job I'll be the first to tell them, shawn melon dunder noob a few others, I think they do a good job. I dont have to agree with them, but I see what I see. Why would I only be allowed to say "good job oh u an amazing mod" and not say that u made a mistake or that u are not good? A few days ago, u almost slayed me for killing u with other people. U asked for an explanation, which I gave u very clearly, yet afterwards when somebody asked "why didn't u slay him" u said u were still asking for an explanation And still went on about the issue bout "I asked for a repeat blah blah " and eventually I had enough and said " slay me and I'll go report u for it or dont slay me and move on" Its frustrating that I have to explain every single kill I make to people like u, who are mods aswell. I have done the same with melon multiple times, yet he usually knows he fucked up and tells people himself aswell. That's why I like playing with him more than Iike playing with u. It's easy to claim toxicity from me because I say what I think about u guys, maybe look to urself aswell sometimes. I dont need to explain every single fucking kill on u or whatever I do to u if u would just pay attention, and when u do pay attention I see, like yesterday, "block and I will slay u" or that's what it came down to, while I remember an instance on spyvspy where somebody had to tell u to stop blocking, a normal player, and when he told u that u were the first one to slay ppl for blocking but do it urself aswell u told him to drop it or that u would gag ior mute him. Is that normal u think? U do shit urself under the cover as "jokes and banter" but would punish others for it and if they speak up about it u mute them. Last night me and another guy talked about how I hardened, from all I seen and responded it was at the start of the round 1 or 2 msg and then at the end of the round 1 msg and u instantly came down with " drop it or I'll silence both of u for spamming" like, dude, rough time as a new mod or not, that's just power hungry
  9. I think that u are proof of the hard way working best. I mean, who actually reads the rules or those pop ups in chat? And even if they read it who would actually change it lol. Once they get killed a few times and r told to turn it off afterwards they will do it and remember it and will spread the word that way
  10. I count 6 mods that could have and should have switched over to ct to help out if u had that much trouble with the rounds. And if the ratio was like this the whole map @Melon( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @Mario @pudding @Chaos Boss @Cha-Chλ!! @Donald Trump's Toupe Wonder why they didn't swap to make sure everybody had fun like most of them complain about constantly
  11. Chat orders are allowed if no living CT has a mic, so they can give orders, eventually
  12. Tbh, try it if u want but I remain by my view of eventually going back to having block on because it wont be moderated as it should be. Aswell as the issue of cts, with at the moment already lacking people that can properly be a ct and get shit done. Alot of the bad cts, I think, will just go T because its easier to shoot from inside a stack than to not freekill the stack as a CT.
  13. The rule would be impossible to enforce, everybody would still do it, people would constantly get slayed and get pissed and eventually the block would be brought back. I suggest just allowing Ts to be killed if they are supposed to die no matter if they are stuck in each other or not. Since that is the biggest problem and majority of the broken physics causes, that u need to wub to kill people. Just my view
  14. 1. I couldn't agree more that trivia to pick Ts to die sucks, but if u say "people should only be in that position only because of pure random luck (map games, x amount of t winners from playing a skill based activity) it's the same dumb thing we got now. Having the luck to pick a few Ts to die is worse than having a trivia correct first. Correct me if I got ur thing wrong tho 2. Afk checks shouldn't even be done in my opinion, either u play the game or u dont. If u dont listen to orders u can be killed. If u standing like a statue in ur cell, I will kill u without hesitation. It ain't killwhore, it's common sense. If u dont want to die without an afk check, then dont go afk. 3.ruling about vents on special days is fine as is, allowing vents would simply delay special days for no reason. Only time I would allow it is with infected day, since that would make it more interesting, yet there it would only be allowed for infected. 4.collison? Really GP? <---- yes, really
  15. Yall are taking this "racist and belittling" shit way to far. When did faking an accent become racist and belittling? Like holy fuck, sure it can be annoying as hell if somebody does it constantly but can we please stop with the "stop being racist" bullshit. Its usually a joke or to have a laugh, if u are going to call everything racist that has to do with some ethnicity or with some other human skin colour then why are u playing online? Not saying it never is racist, but take a chill pill in regards to calling shit racist and whatnot Btw: I have too many Latin influences here in Texas to tolerate that naive nonsense That shows that u are influenced by your surroundings and arent objectively judging the situation.