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  1. I haven't been on at all for a little bit, just wanted to let everyone know I'm Alive. Might be a little less active. My boyfriend of 10 months told me that we didn't "feel right". I have to move in with my sister by next week, 30 minutes away. This all happened yesterday! Good luck to me, I have no motivation with anything anymore. But if anyone wants to chat, it would be great so I'm not alone
  2. I'm from Illinois, and I hate it
  3. I worked at Subway at 16. FarmNFleet for 3 years. Walmart for not even 3 months. Now 20, got fired not too long ago, and now I have to get hip surgery, so no job for me for a while
  4. Can I have some choccy milk please? Thanks milkman
  5. TayBay

    Favourite drink

    I enjoy Sprite, Milk, & Hot Tea
  6. I love pepperoni and green pepper, never really tried anything but those 2.
  7. I love all 3, but if I can get some bomb nachos, I'm def getting them nachos
  8. I have a few more! but! Kitten; Mittens Dog; Ace Cat; Boots
  9. I do not! My ex owned a few, he taught me how to shoot. Turns out, I prolly should NOT own one myself LOL
  10. My longest relationship was almost a year. I started having really bad stomach pains, to the point where I couldn't eat or get out of bed. I had to go on medical leave from work. That's when he left me, It broke me so bad. He then threw all my stuff to the curb (that i left at his house) and said I needed to come get it or it was getting thrown out. Everything I got him/made him he broke.
  11. I worked at Subway, it sucked so bad. Then I worked retail for 4 years at a place called "Blains Farm N Fleet". Then Walmart for a MONTH. Walmart's sick policy sucks, don't try it.
  12. I was a basketball, volleyball, and track player in grade school years ago. In highschool I played tennis, but I had to get shoulder surgery, no more sports for me!
  13. I'm wondering what 2 food you put together that would be considered "odd". Mine are; Spaghetti&Cottage Cheese MacNCheese&Corn PeanutButter&Butter I NEED TO KNOW YOURS SO I CAN TRY
  14. TayBay

    Favourite food

    My favorite foods; Steak! Popcorn! Bacon! Pizza! Fries!
  15. This is what I look like, but if you piss me off i'll dye my hair. So watch out fam