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  2. First Name: Tyler Age: 28 SteamID (if applicable): STEAM_0:0:10855382 In-game name: Sleeping Forest Position you are applying for: Retired How long have you been part of GamePunch?: Over a year. Joined November 2019 Why do you think you should have retired role?: Used to be apart of the Moderator/Admin team but left due to personal issues in July. I have been coming around more and more lately but just wish to be a simple player and enjoy myself. Since I have been here I feel like I am respected and try and make the community a great place to hang out and not worry about what is going on in our normal lives. Even though I was apart of the management team briefly I liked to think I did a good job. Enforced rules on the players that deserved it as well as try and fix problems before they began. With that said please consider giving me the retired role simply on previous merits. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, Some may remember me but some might not. Just figured I'd post here since I'll be in the servers more often to have a good time. If you see me don't hesitate to say hello as well as wake me up. I think I have been asleep for long enough. Anyways CHEERS LADS UH OH STINKY!!!!!!
  4. Welcome to retirement @Chaos Boss benefits suck but its a decent life. GP appreciates everything you done for it. Hope you get everything settles and all good with stuff in your life. Always around to talk all the time if you want and hopefully still see you around. "On God" "No Cap" "Matter Fact" 'HEADASS"
  5. If you don’t listen to the boss you’re done bud simple as that. One of the perks for taking warden. If you don’t want to warn people step up. If the warden sees that they aren’t listening then yeah that’s the T’s fault. There is a rule that the warden can’t trick a T. But moving just a hair when you should be frozen then killed is excessive and frowned upon but totally legit; thems the rules. Dick head wardens will still be a problem that’s where the management team would be able to say let someone else warden and use !rw command or have the mod+ swap to ct and mix things up.
  6. I wouldn’t like to glorify the darkness that I have but sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t the only one battling.
  7. Quack quack muther ducker. Its time for the stinky to take a shower
  8. Hopefully another energetic goof of a person can take my place