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  1. If you don’t listen to the boss you’re done bud simple as that. One of the perks for taking warden. If you don’t want to warn people step up. If the warden sees that they aren’t listening then yeah that’s the T’s fault. There is a rule that the warden can’t trick a T. But moving just a hair when you should be frozen then killed is excessive and frowned upon but totally legit; thems the rules. Dick head wardens will still be a problem that’s where the management team would be able to say let someone else warden and use !rw command or have the mod+ swap to ct and mix things up.
  2. I wouldn’t like to glorify the darkness that I have but sometimes it’s nice to know you aren’t the only one battling.
  3. Quack quack muther ducker. Its time for the stinky to take a shower
  4. Hopefully another energetic goof of a person can take my place
  5. First I want to say that this is strictly personal decision. To think I am leaving and retiring from CSS due to current events is simply not true. I am thankful for everyone , @Noob, @Majestic, @Nation, @Assassin Mike, @Glowto name a few, for allowing me to be apart of something for as long as I have. For letting me try and make GP a fun place to hang out and create relationships and expand my pool of people who want to game and escape from the world. There are a bunch of people who I am glad I met while being a part of GP and I was I could take you all but there are too many of you. I will still be active across discord and may pop into CSS from time to time but right now I think the best decision is to take a step back and focus on myself. Hopefully I can still game with you guys from time to time. Who knows maybe I'll come out of retirement but that's too soon to tell. Cya Soon -Sleeping Forest "Uh Oh Stinky" PS: I am wishing to simply step down from the management team
  6. Sleeping Forest

    Mod+ Meeting

    Will be at work
  7. You were one of the first dudes I really enjoyed playing with. Started out with the Mudkip gang which evolved into so many great moments of gameplay. I really hope to see you around still speedy . Mudkip *sniff* use cum blast!!!!!
  9. i upgraded to a RTX 2080 Super and its perfect for Warzone. But i would assume any 20 series nvidia card would be worth it