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  1. We enjoy having you here! Even if you suck at rebelling lol
  2. Working in the cold! Then taking the little one trick or treating!
  3. You were always alot of fun to play jb with it's sad to see you go, hope to see you around from time to time!
  4. FlyerMike

    Mod+ Meeting

    I might not be able to make it, Mila's baptism was today and we are out with her grandparents.
  5. A severe fear of heights, yet my dumbass loves jumping out of airplanes lol and being in or around places I dont know... I always like to know all of my exit strategies.
  6. Medium medium-well bitch lol
  7. Stupid people, which makes work difficult since I only work for and with idiots.
  8. Very true much better than @ThatsNotLogicallol
  9. And yall made this guy a mod -1 @Huge285
  10. Welcome to the place we call a place!..........Gamepunch!!!!
  11. Wake up drink a bottle of water and contemplate calling in sick on the way to work... lol
  12. Welcome to my favorite co warden
  13. FlyerMike

    I'm Vatts

    Be careful of Sly's freenades!