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  2. I feel it is my time to leave GP, unfortunately I am unable to be as active as I once was, and I feel it is my time to leave. I've had tons of fun being a part of this community and watching it grow from close to the beginning, and I feel like the community is heading in a path that I have a hard time following. I will still try to get on when possible, but I know I'm going to miss a whole lot you. Assassin Mike, Ephex, and Huge for sure! And my boo Dunder, and maybe Connor.... just a little bit though lol Its been fun and I hope to see you all around!
  3. In response to the actions recently of a few people I wanted to take the time and write this little rant. Understand that by acting like a fool you not only cause others to lose respect for you, but for all of those who hold the same title as yourself. As a past Mod I was beyond myself with the disrespect that shown by a Moderator towards quite a few of our members and to a Veteran. This is not how someone who has been entrusted with any sort of power should act! Your actions not only reflect on you but on everyone who holds the same title as you. Also be warned that any sort of reciprocation towards a member or player that has made a complaint, is a misuse of power and can further prove anything complaint that was brought against you justified. For those who may aspire to be Mods+ please understand, once given the title Mod+ you are being held to compose yourself and your actions at a higher standard than other players and members. You are given the ability to moderate and watch over the servers, not just because you applied, but that the Staff+ felt they could trust you with the ability to act accordingly and treat everyone with respect, even when handing out punishments. Don't think you have the ability to act like a fool, wave your power in others faces without some form of moderation from the Staff+. I have seen many Mods act like they could do as they pleased with out being caught, and in doing so were dealt with. Please understand to be a Mod+ in the GamePunch community means that Staff+ are asking you to hold your actions at a higher standing than others, because we may have players that have never been on our servers join and they are watching to see how our Mods+ are behaving. Show them that you deserve that title, and with time you may be promoted to help even more. But know that if your intentions are to become a Mod and work your way up to bring harm to this community we will find out.
  4. I took a shit in an elevator once.
  5. Hey everyone just wanted to apologize l, for my absence over the past couple weeks. It's been nonstop work between Brooks grandmother going on hospice, and normal lovely hotter than hell work. I will try to be more active in the coming days!
  6. It is sad to see you leave Gracie, we will all miss you! You were an amazing Admin on both JB and MC and taught many, including me how to be a great member and mod! I hope to see you on the servers, because now I don't have my favorite admin to bug and irritate
  7. I think this would be a very good idea! It would help with the new players to understand the rules, and could be valuable to watch the other CTs!
  8. July 11........ 7/11 LOLOLOL
  9. I'm going to be AWOL for about a week or two starting april 12th, as I start moving my crap to my new apartment!
  10. I absolutely agree! The hardest part about the baiting rule is the definition which can be twisted and bent to allow alot. I've seen multiple occasions where the ts srr instructed to go somewhere and you've got cts standing in the direct path waiting to kill a t for knifing them! They literally set up the bait just to kill a T....