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  1. Sorry for my recent absence, I meant to post a leave but i had forgotten to. I apologize for my recent absence over the past week but i should be back to my normal schedule tuesday/Wednesday UPDATE! Due to some recent circumstances I will continue to be AWOL until work slows down I've been pulled on a job that is 6, 12 hours. Once it is over I will be back to normal.
  2. Count me in! Be more than happy to help
  3. Unacceptable this is work lol.. be safe bro
  4. Hope everything is okay!! We are here anytime you need to chill!
  5. Later bro, sorry to see it end like this...
  6. Recently... more of today had some personal shit come up and I'm not coping well. I hope after a week everything goes back to normal but won't know until that time comes. @DemDunderBuds @Connor McJesus I will still make the Mod meeting.
  7. Nooooo @Zachariah you were one of my role models on here aside for Nation. I hope to still see you around bud.
  8. Congrats bro! Welcome to fatherhood!
  9. Honey ham for sure!! Because I am fat fatso and fatso likes ham!
  10. You will be missed my favourite boom boom! For those that don't know Meteor would often blow himself up to kill me this his nickname. I really am going to miss you bro.
  11. We enjoy having you here! Even if you suck at rebelling lol
  12. Working in the cold! Then taking the little one trick or treating!