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  1. Artooie


    I really like Indie and Alternative music. But this 80s Synthwave band I really like called The Midnight fuckiNG SLAPS.
  2. Iphone 11 <:^) can't forget my side bitch, apple watch series 3
  3. if you don't even kiss the homies goodnight, are you homies?
  4. here's me ;0 !!!!!!!!! feel free to post your face below or don't whatever works ;^)
  5. Hey friend!!! Glad to see you on the forums
  6. isn’t it funny how you welcome me and now I’m your favorite person @Assassin Mike the way the world works 👁👁
  7. Here's quick links so you won't have to copy and paste everything!!!! Happy voting~ Logical's Song Spud's Map Cha- Cha's Yo Yo Tricks Beksinski's Song Wildfire's Song Nation's Doggy Kartofel's Fishys Adam's Video
  8. GP Got Talent voting is finally up! If you have a forums account, please watch the submissions with the links provided in the post and cast your votes! Voting will close 6/26/2020 and winners will be formally announced at the community meeting. A disclaimer to all contestants, as stated in GP Got Talent rules, you may NOT vote for yourself or tell people how to vote! If anyone from events team catches you doing this, you will be disqualified. Good luck to everyone who participated!!
  9. i really like burgers, but like i love grilled chicken plain no bun that shit slaps
  10. @Assassin Mike my fav person cuz he's my hoe @Sleeping Forest @Chaos Boss my fav admins to play with cuz we close and bffs For some reason it won't let me tag my mod friends but mario, pudding, bek are my fav mods to play with cuz they so kind and helpful and i love them <3333
  11. us females radiate big switch energy