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  1. this^ dildo's idea is a good idea if you were paying the mods, but this is mostly just charity/free time given to this community. no point in making it more difficult.
  2. I hated it because when I joined MG yio kept being toxic and rude to everyone, me included. then I rejoined like a few months later and my first friend, @Wildfire <3and I played games for the longest time and I eventually joined GP after I became familiar with everyone. its fun to play on but only with friends. I guess thats how it is for most multiplayer games tho, yeah?
  3. First Elder Scrolls game. It was so infuriating to play.
  4. Artooie


    I work at an elementary school. All the kids in the building (k-6) have to wear masks. Everywhere we go, we have to put them in ABC order so we can trace back to people who may have been in contact with the virus if they get it. They have Assigned seats everywhere, including the lunch room. The only times they can have their masks off is at their desks, gym, recess and to eat at lunch. For recess, they’re all in “zones”. So like one class will be on the blacktop, one will be on the grass and one will be on the playground equipment and we rotate it every week. It hurts my heart so bad when my kindergarten-2nd grade recess kids ask why they can’t play on the equipment and they have to watch other kids have fun With slides and swings while they’re stuck with chalk and bouncy balls.
  5. Damn, that’s crazy. Thanks for teaching me how to strafe on 100 traps. Hope u have a good life x
  6. This my new whip 2002 camaro. It has some fancy kinda wrap on it. It’s kinda slow... I want to put a v8, it’s v6. It has RACECAR POTENTIAL.
  7. +1, as long as it’s not like the admin rainbow laser it’s a great idea. Maybe also add like how the warden is usually blue that u can do the color of the laser chosen as the wardens color ?
  8. wdym I facetime ved every night and that’s what he looks like
  9. just feels like everybody be on edge lately I’m doing good though. hope u feel better x