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  1. I just wanted to say that I am going to be away from gaming for some time. Some unforeseen life complications have arisen and need my immediate attention. You all have made plenty of amazing memories for me and hopefully I have made some for you guys as well. I'm not sure when I will be able to continuously play again, however, I will be on from time to time depending on how things are going. Farewell but not goodbye GamePunch family!
  2. HyperX Wireless headset, new manager computer chair, and a bunch of candy and clothes!
  3. Spicy garlic sauce with flats and ranch. Always.
  4. Angel Hair with homemade pesto and butter.
  5. Pix I knew you were gonna say that! You Brits haha! As for me, I always use mine. Being a motorcycle rider it's embedded in me to show where I'm going (not to mention it's a law in my state to use a signal), so it bothers the hell out of me when other people don't. I've seen too many accidents that could have been easily avoided with a simple turn signal. But to each their own!
  6. EUGEEEEEEEEN Glad to see you finally get on the forums! Now I won't be the only old man on here!
  7. Bears, bisons, tigers and wolves. If I could have one of each as a pet....I totally would
  8. I never tip below 17% and I always adjust based on performance. I have gone above and beyond the 20% gratuity rate before but it was outstanding performance and I was kind of drunk...
  9. Fit For a King's new album that just came out: "The Path". If you like American Metalcore...check them out on Spotify!! Got to see them live in my state before Covid hit, they came with Norma Jean and Currents.