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  1. LG G7. All phones newer than 2017 are are iPhones
  2. I don't drink pop but if I have to choose I would say Coca Cola. I remember when they used to sell the glass bottles for like 50 cents at the pop shops, it was a nice treat in the summer heat as a kid!
  3. Good ol Nebrasker...right in the middle of the country! If you ever want all four seasons of weather in one day, move here.
  4. Jaguar F-Type, hard top with a stone cold silver pain job.
  5. The Ragdoll and gore in the muck of some maps was the best part of it! I'll wait to see if it goes on sale anytime soon.
  6. I played Chivalry when it was poppin, but as of today there are maybe 5 servers that are still populated. Thus the reason that I've really wanted to start playing Mordhau. Chivalry on steroids!
  7. I just bought an MSI 26" curve a few months ago. 144hz 1ms and syncs very nicely with my MSI hardware. Curve monitors are the future of gaming! Takes awhile to get used to the changes in your peripheral vision, but I can promise you would love it. I am never going back to another monitor unless it's curve.
  8. Post hardcore, Metalcore and Black metal, Death metal and pretty much every variant. Feed Her to the Sharks and For Today are my top two favourite bands I suppose, but it's hard to say because I have so many!
  9. Yeah, the loaded gun is just baffling to me. Obviously there's dirty staff there.
  10. Having worked in a maximum security prison as a correctional officer, I can confirm that drugs are becoming more and more prominent inside prisons. I've thrown out visitors bringing contraband in during visits, I've been on searches with drug dogs when we have busted dozens of cells with drugs, alcohol and homemade weapons. It's serious business. Prison is just that, a business. Dirty staff bringing in contraband are always the worst rumours to come true. Especially when they are officers you've worked with for years.
  11. 31-20...My guess was so close I should have bet money!
  12. I do it just to be fit. Some of my friends I workout with are power lifters and have goals and such.
  13. I do classic Marine Corps workouts still to this day. Push ups until my arms cramp, pull ups until my back hurts, and a good 3 mile run. I do calisthenics every day to keep my endurance and tone up, while weight lifting (twice a week only) to keep my strength up.
  14. 31-24 Chiefs. Been a Chiefs fan my whole life, so I'm pumped that they even made it this far!