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  1. Im glad there are people like this the community its said to see you go because I feel like you would been a good voice for people like me. Im am very thankful for you putting out your voice and doing what you think is best. Love ya bud
  2. Idea is good but I dont think it would work with how many bot CTs there are and with how the more regular players have to be warden just so the round goes smoothly without anyone breaking rules but like I said good idea concept just most likely would work on this server
  3. Added more SD would be kinda litty not gonna lie
  4. If you have a hard time trying to bhop join bhop servers and practice, thats what ive done for the past year or so is I start on a bhop server when I first get on. It aint hard to learn once you get your mwheel binds down, there is also old videos that teach you how
  5. I would honestly be willing to putting on some of the leg work to get maps and such together but like I said its just a suggestion
  6. I was just wondering if you guys would take some time think about maybe adding a Deathrun Server, because I honestly miss having a OG DR server to join and just casually play and practice strafes and bhopping. I sure lots of people would love to have one too just because it was such a popular gamemode back in the day next to JailBreak Anyways I thought I would just voice my idea and see if we can get some input on if you guys wanna do it with some help from me finding maps and stuff If you don't want to consider it now, maybe when Indi gets the box for the servers it might be a better time but with the whole having to stay inside bullshit I thought it would give people another option who play this game to have a different gamemode
  7. For all our 18+ gaymers here what do you prefer when you top fragging on C:SS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) It depends on the night for me both are very good at times
  8. If we can find another plugin that isn't !wub, less server restarts and games breaking Just a suggestion
  9. Anyone want my tarkov account, ive bought the game wont download gives me a error $30 USD $40 CAN