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  1. You look like the hot barista dude who all the Starbucks girls secretly love but wont be with cuz he too nice
  2. I wanna thank everyone here above you all been super nice to me and we've had some great times but those will not stop see you all soon in-game !!!! much love for you all
  3. ty brother big love to you aswell & ofc you will see me in game no worries
  4. i dont wanna make a whole forum post about why i wanna leave but i just wanna say that i dont want to be a member of gp anymore but i still wanna play from time to time so ill see you all in game !
  5. nooo for real ?? you always seem like a calm and smoothing person shawn im baffeld
  6. Tell me or the community something we might not know about you (you dont need to tell us how you wipe your ass or something that personal ಠ‿ಠ but you may say anything you would like to share with us. )
  7. Brahim

    Mod+ Meeting

    i will be attending aswell !! (my first meeting as a mod)
  8. DAmn you keep roasting me ahaha now you're never gonna get any bday present from me
  9. Well said young man but if you ever need some just text me @Bonkers
  10. Brahim


    Ohhh hahah bed time story's probally you are the big bad wolf eh haha
  11. Brahim


    yo Cuzz tell me you're favorite strain then you can hook me up
  12. Brahim


    im glad for you that you won that lottery cheers !! and oh shit you got multiple cars gonna look them up tho cuz never heard of them