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  1. This game brought me back to consoles and it's just so goddamn beautiful. I just wish I had someone to play it with to laugh at all my dumb deaths. Looking really forward to botw2 also! I want to know so much more lore
  2. My boosty boi. It's on fortune auto coilovers and Steeda Sway bars, along with a strut tower brace, mbrp catback and some cosmetic goodies. I've got an intercooler and brembos to put on also. Bananas.
  3. My interests are a melting pot but here are a couple I like to listen to often at the moment. https://youtu.be/8ZcqaolcjUI https://youtu.be/5Sw61oITuts
  4. My pups an old boy now and spends most his time in the living room waiting for the fridge to open. I've got my cat watching me getting smacked across the map though.
  5. My two biggest time sinks are art and cars. I mod my car, have those mods break, and put my tears into drawing only to mod again. It's a vicious cycle.
  6. My brothers a big Lego freak and pulled my interest back into it. I really only buy the car legos. I've got a Porsche racecar, VW bus, Ferrari f40, Harley Davidson, 60s mustang, and a older model fiat that I haven't put together yet. The voltron i bought for my brother but I have it due to him lacking space and I love anime robots too. Lego models are just a fun way to relieve stress and have something to shoe for it. Excuse my messy room in this pic.
  7. Having a nice color is key for me. Boy that car needs to driven out the barn and taken some decent pictures of.
  8. The OG oreo cereal with the marshmallows was my shit but cocoa puffs and cookie crisps were gud too. 90s mascots ftw.
  9. My most glam shot taken with my grandma right before the zombie infection took hold of her.
  10. I'm from around the chicago area. I'm interested in moving down south some day though, maybe around nashville.