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  1. make two servers. One jailbreak server that is 24/7 razor only and there are no rules restricting individual words unless a player feels targeted and wants it to stop being directed towards them (e.g. if you repeatedly say "hey you should blow your brains out irl princess strawberry you stupid faggot N*****"). In this scenario it would be up to the mods judgement to intervene. Being a 24/7 razor server would most likely attract the more OG players who grew up playing JB without the options of map games" and coincidentally also seem to be less sensitive to being picked on a little bit/being exposed to naughty offensive words. The second server can be the one with strictly enforced rules about restricted words and harassment. Different strokes for different folks and since GP seems to be able to afford multiple servers I see it as a viable solution. p.s. I am incredibly stoned so take my suggestion with a grain of salt. or sand or w/e the expression is
  2. My initial statement stands. Stop being a baby its part of the game. If I have to explain how wanting flashbangs taken out/limited/altered because it bothers you then I suggest you stop taking dumb-dumb pills
  3. Stop being a baby its part of the game
  4. Im not sure exactly how the subs are gonna work for this but maybe @OhhDandy or @HunterX848 could fill you in
  5. Its too late but if you want to sub in if someone leaves you can do that
  6. I'm down to contribute to a prize pool if you want. I sell art so I would be happy to make a painting for the winners or something.
  7. I don't really mind you and think if you just talk a little less you will be fine. A little crazy is better than the bland oatmeal a lot wardens offer.
  8. RTD was on the first JB server I ever played in 2010 (HG) And it was super successful there with little to no issues of people crying that things were t sided. Over half of the rtd's would take away a percentage of the t's health. The best rtd they had was a 1 in 490 chance that all ct's health was set to 1 and all t's would be spawned a grenade lmao/
  9. Mandatory amount of hours on t before you can play ct. Essentially everyone is ct banned when joining the server for the first time for like 2 hours playtime or something. Mandatory training of mods/admins on JB rules and tricky situations so when they are on the server they can set a precedent of consistent and clear rule enforcement/punishment tiers. ( way too many times I see admins/mods respond to nearly identical situations in inconsistent ways. Harsher punishments for ct's that regularly freekill, gunplant, "accidentally bait" etc. Definitely don't think I have the answer to the age old question of why are ct's so bad but this could help.
  10. I agree that it serves a purpose and is 1 possible solution to the problem of bad cts/freekilling; However I still think it's a band-aid solution to tackling the real issue of bad cts.
  11. Making non wardens warn is already too much imo. There was a time when Jailbreak required ct's to be more certain of their actions and proactive in their play style. If anything I would say make punishments for fuckups on ct harsher and in time you will have ct's that know the rules and only kill people when they deserve to be killed in which case why would warnings be necessary.
  12. My JDM baby Sadly I had to get rid of the underglow when I moved back to chicago since its illegal here
  13. I 100% agree with Hunter and would even recommend an even more edited down list. Since I am an older player that grew up on servers with only 1 map my views might be clouded by nostalgia however I maintain the firm belief that a simple map is all that is needed to make a fun and sustainable Jailbreak server. Anyways how about just putting it up to some sort of vote. Everyone gets 3-5 votes and can nominate the maps they want to see on the server. Top 10 most voted maps are put in rotation for 1-3 months until the next vote or something.