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  1. I wouldn't really say I have a favorite song, but here's some stuff that I do like Catch me drunk and I'll be rockin' some 90's shit too haha
  2. Instead of forcing other ct's to take it, I suggest adding something like a 5-10 second cooldown to only the previous warden if they have it more than say 2-3 rounds in a row? That way someone else could take it but if they didn't the previous warden could still take control. Still like @Cha-Chλ!! said, I'm not coder and if its not worth working on than understandable.
  3. I agree with maybe adding a second or two timer, but at the same time term is right, you should be paying attention in the first place.
  4. Indiana, I'm a cornfed boy, boy.
  5. It was nice to have met you Kayte, you will be missed!
  6. Will for sure miss you Jake, hope you can still come around and play sometimes! Was nice to meet you, and I hope you keep having fun with whatever you do next!
  7. CoolerMaster mm711 Lightweight, rgb, got it on sale for $25
  8. Cheese or pepperoni brothers
  9. I have a strange nastolgia for songs like these lol
  10. pasghetti

    UFC 248

    fight part main - fight part co-main - My favorite undercard fight -
  11. pasghetti

    UFC 248

    What did you think of the main and co-main event? I kind of expected the main event to go how it went, but the co-main was insane.
  12. Pretty sure he said he was 12 a few days ago.