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  1. Very sad to post this but I will unfortunately be less active in the community. I've had lots of good memories over the past year playing on this server and met lots of great people. It's been a pleasure to join a community like this bringing back the nostalgia from years and years ago. Been working a lot and haven't had much free time as I'm working hard and saving up to by a house soon. Hopefully not a farewell but just in case I don't come back, I want to say I hope everybody has a great life and I'm gonna miss a lot of you. Peace!
  2. Dill

    Mic Problems

    Went into computer settings then sound and switched my input to my mic. It must have reset when my computer updated and did not realize.
  3. Dill

    Mic Problems

    I got it all resolved. Thanks!
  4. Dill

    Mic Problems

    I will try that too. Thanks!
  5. Dill

    Mic Problems

    I have tried both and the same result
  6. Dill

    Mic Problems

    I will look into it thanks!
  7. Dill

    Mic Problems

    Hello all, so ive been having some issues lately with my mic. Every time I go to use it the only thing that comes out of it is either game sounds or makes others mics echo. I have tried using other mics and its the same thing that comes out of it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Yes this is the Dill that plays JB
  9. I mean if it were me I would definitely name it Dill Daggercock.
  10. Dill

    Happy Birthday Lui!

    Lui happy birthday but please I mean PLEASE stay away from my girl
  11. This is the OG Dill. The one you all know and love ;). Saw Some people confused on a recent post I made not knowing if there was another Dill or not.
  12. Great, now who's gonna freekill me all the time.
  13. Hello all! My name is Dill and I just started playing this server! Everybody seems so nice and cool! Hope to be able to talk to you all in-game and have lovely conversations with you!