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  1. On amazon the cable is 28.99 and the quest itself is 399.99
  2. My most favorite toy of all time when I was about 7 had to be this black hawk helicopter that had a little trigger you pushed with your thumb and it made the propellers spin. I'd put a plastic army guy in the cockpit and run around the room with it. My dad fuckin' threw it against the wall in a drunken rage and broke it to pieces. Never could find a new one. I loved plastic army men, and I played army men video games for the nintento64.
  3. it comes with a plastic eyeglass spacer that goes underneath the face rest. allows like 2mm of distance between the lenses and your glasses. recently i invested in a pair of headphones, a link cable, and a silicone mask cover. the link cable turns your quest into a rift-s and honestly, worth it. can access all steam vr games and you get full access to VR chat (no more hidden avatars) and the link cable seems to pull resources from the pc for an extra boost in performance and frame rates.
  4. I've felt kinda bad the past few days, been drinking too much. Said some shit in discord that I regret. Been having more frequent nightmares, anxiety has just been up. Feeling a bit distant and reclusive. It comes and goes. Some days are better than others. That's just life I guess. Thanks for asking. Better days are ahead. I wish everybody nothing but the best.
  5. The community centers itself around a form of gameplay that's nearly impossible to moderate because people let their demons out over the internet.i
  6. You people do know that there's more to the community than shitty counter strike jailbreak right?
  7. Toxic relationships, stress of making ends meet, deadlines to make, being broke, all that stuff will suck the life right out of ya.
  8. There are also a lot of things left out in that year I was living in my dad's house after he died. My friend did everything he could to hide the fact that he didn't have a job. He'd drive my dad's blazer around and pretend to be at "work" come back an hour later and lock himself in my dads room. He'd do that shit and spend 2 or 3 days at a time in there. I'd ask him things like "didnt you have to work today?" "nah they called and told me not to come in" I kept on pressing him cuz I had a feeling he was lying about shit. The day he died his aunt was also there on my front lawn. She straight up told me "we havent even heard from him in months!!" He peed in like 100 pop cans, bottles and cups and instead of throwing them out. He hid them all in a dresser in the basement. Put tape on it with a note that said "please do not discard" because at one point my sister rented us a dumpster for us to throw the junk out of the basement away. That dresser was the only thing that remained, and when I found it. I was disturbed, but also extremely angry. Mother fucker trashed my dads room and didn't even have the courtesy to clean up his filth. And he was such a freeloading parasite that he couldn't even shoot himself with his own goddamned gun. I guess he was way more fucked up that I could have imagined. Whatever he was feeling I simply shot down because in my mind I had just lost my dad. What could he have possibly felt like that could match how I was feeling? and I was the one paying all the bills and keeping the kitchen stocked with food while that asshole just raided my fridge and locked himself in my dads room hiding from me. I knew he was depressed, but come on man. How could he have given up so fuckin easily, you know? Few months before my dad died, my dad had to put down my favorite cat who I had since I was 10. The cat became deaf, had severe arthritis, and was in the beginning stages of feline leukemia. After the friend offed himself, I chose to surrender my other 2 cats to animal control. It was one of the hardest things I had to do but felt that was the right time to do it since everything else was going to shit. My aunt eventually claimed them and my cousin adopted them. One died last year, and the other I'm not sure about. But even in that dark time I still had that girl I was seeing. She was so sweet, she stayed with me every day until I moved. She was like an angel. Sadly I lost contact with her. She moved on and married somebody. Sorry just had to fill that part in and rant a little.
  9. You don't sound like a retard I totally get it dude. I was the same way when I entered middle school. I never talked or branched out to anybody except my 2 or 3 friends. I never stood in the halls between classes and socialized, I just went directly to my classes with a sort of emotionless glare. I grew up in a dirty house, I had long greasy hair, probably smelled like cat pee, I just discovered my favorite music and that was all that mattered really. I got picked on by a couple bigger kids. One in particular seemed to just pick on me "because I was quiet." But I look back now and see maybe the kid was trying to get me to come out of my shell. Probably so, I don't hold grudges. My dad thought I was depressed and got me to see a psychiatrist regularly. She put me on antidepressants and shit. Side effects made me emotionally unstable and I was having crazy conspiracy theory delusions. When I was 17 I went to a psychiatrist appointment. Things were said, blogs on myspace were written. My dad's GF at the time pulled up the shit I was writing on MySpace (which consisted of basic teenaged angst and pissed about being a virgin) The doctor mistook it as me being a threat to myself or others and committed me to a mental hospital for a week and I wasn't able to talk myself out of it. Cuz I was still a kid. Which made me so angry dude. I couldn't talk to anybody about stuff after that because I felt betrayed by those I could trust. I always felt like I had to watch what I said because I feared somebody was gonna try to blow the whistle and put me away again. I also understand being desensitized to everything too. I used to watch snuff films and beheading videos and gruesome shit. My deceased friend was the one who exposed me to that kinda stuff. Also dude, I also get that "fever dream" and not knowing what the fuck's going on and feeling like something wrong. I discovered that's basically just apart of being a young adolescent. Those are times where you don't know shit about anything lol especially yourself. It's not until you age past 25 that stuff begins to click in your brain. The brain stops growing at around age 18, but continues to develop until 24 or 25. Women usually develop quicker than men. Hein-sight is 2020 my friend. I'm glad to know things are getting better with ya. Life never stops throwing stuff in our way though. But the good thing is the older you get, the wiser you become, and the more creative you get with your coping skills. Your name is logical so I already know you're a smart dude from that name and from what you've just explained. Also I wanna throw out there that highly intelligent people are often socially awkward and all that jazz early in life.
  10. Definitely man, thank you for reading and for replying. It's fight or flight, adrenaline pumps and survival mode kicks on. When I would tell this story when it was fresh, I would get one of two reactions. Most of the time people feel bad for me, and I don't want pity. I actually ruined some people's day with the story lol. But what I appreciate the most is the acknowledgement of my character. It's a long and never ending process of picking up pieces and finding out which ones fit in a metaphorical context. I'm a firm believer that things do happen for a reason. I'm not religious but I do have a spiritual side. I believe in karma and good luck, and the ones we love who leave this earth never truly leave us. They make themselves known one way or another by coincidental occurrences. I used to have a philosophy where you can dig yourself a hole so deep that you can't climb out of it. But if you continue to sink into the darkness and dig that hole deeper, you'll eventually come out on the other side to find the surface once again. (like digging a hole from the USA and coming out in China) That's a bit extreme but it makes a tiny bit of metaphorical sense. If we didn't have suffering, we wouldn't know what happiness is. There's a yin and a yang, a good side and a bad side. They exist for a reason, and they contribute to our growth as human beings. This is why I try to be as kind as possible to everybody I meet. Easier said than done. But you never know what's going on in somebody's life. So it's always a good idea to just be kind.
  11. Hey I got a question @Stinky Pete did you get your name from this? Lmao
  12. Hey Charlie! Welcome to the forums! My name's Matt, I also grew up in Michigan (Wyandotte) but I moved to southern Indiana 3 years ago. I'll be 29 on August 17th. When I was 6 I tried poppin' a wheelie on my friend's bicycle and face-planted on the sidewalk. Broke my nose and had a severe concussion. Don't remember much about it honestly. I don't want to delve much into my life story as I already posted some of it in the Chat Lounge under "official mental health check-in thread." Practically everybody here is cool as fuck. I hope you enjoy our little community as much as I do. Happy gaming my dude.
  13. I know, right? All the shitty jobs I've worked gave me insurance benefits, and working a shitty job that makes you miserable and then going to therapy cancels out the progress you make. Some times just knowing another average person is going thru some shit is more than enough help.
  14. black metal and death metal