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  1. im going to my grandmas house for 3 days im leaving today love u all bye
  2. i got all bs or up on my report card i a good student
  3. raisen brand, no bake, and sugar cookies
  4. my mom makes this really good quesadilla with shredded chicken and bell peppers and i add sour cream and salsa its really good
  5. Edubb44


    i like nike and i have these red/silver and white that look cool
  6. i play football and basketball
  7. have fun and remember me BANANA SLAMA
  8. idc becuase i have both but i personally will go for xbox because ps4 rips u off of a deal because it will give u $1 off a game xbox if u the game pass u will get a lot of games free for a year or months
  9. cts wont be paying attention for the person doing the race and then its a win win for that t
  10. i dont agree because its funny when people shoot at it and giveaway there position