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  1. Call of Duty 1 and Starbound; CoD 1 was the first game I ever played, and Starbound is a mod for Terraria
  2. Roz

    Favorite cereal

    Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  3. I have lot of respect for Indi for acknowledging some of the complaints made by players and staff alike. The general atmosphere within the community and on the Jailbreak server in the past month has been uneasy compared to past months. However, my respect for the community and its players has not changed. I think it's completely natural for the community and general atmospheres present on certain servers to go through the motions of being concerned and expressing those concerns. I would describe the current state of the community as confused as some members are unsure what to think of other members or staff stepping down from positions. Personally I feel that those with concerns about the ways mods+ handle certain situations are genuine although I think there is still some confusion. The solution should be general training and what-to-do's in order to eliminate the confusion and resolve concerns. I support the players that were once members regardless of their contributions to the community. I think it goes without saying that Dunder deserves the recognition for making the community and gameplay on the servers as inclusive as possible for players regardless of their status. I also think that supporting each other is really important considering the stresses going on outside of the community that are affecting us all. If being part of the community is added stress and unnecessary for you and you feel it would be in your best interest to avoid the added stress then I support your choice. I will continue to support you and the community all the same. I wish the best for you all and this community. I believe that we will see improvements in the mentality and vibe going forward.
  4. The suggestion to rewrite Rule [T05] is a good one. Personally I feel that it would clear up some confusion. I would like to see the revised version of the rule taken into consideration. +1
  5. I want a slot! Sign me up!! @Gunner813 @Chaos Boss
  6. I'm using a EVGA Geforce GTX 1060 SSC in my build. You need a PSU with an 8-pin connector.
  7. Hey guys I'm Roz, I played CSS years ago and I've been playing Jailbreak a lot. I like the community's set of rules and I hope to see you on Jailbreak! @Chaos Boss told me to make this introduction.
  8. Roz


    I think people are more so looking for a solution with being able to reference a rule rather than block new players from joining CT directly. There being a rule would allow you to reprimand someone and give a reason. Rather than saying read the MOTD you could actually reprimand them and cite the rule as the reason. For example, CTs not doing thier jobs.
  9. Roz

    Map Suggestions

    This would be the best map
  10. Roz

    infected day

    I think all headshots should knock back infected. When infected are allowed to boost humans should be allowed to boost as well.
  11. Roz


    I agree with you panda. There's a 50% chance someone will select to be a CT their first time joining the server. If the CT team isn't full they could join and do a lot of damage unintentionally.
  12. Roz

    CT Orders

    I agree without a doubt. Both positions should have a progression without trying to look for loopholes.
  13. Roz

    CT Orders

    There's a huge chance of word play happening when the Warden says " Go to my spray and freeze." Ts shouldn't be killed for not following orders if the Warden didn't say "every time" the Warden sprays their spray or specifies a spray to freeze on. As a Warden it's easily avoidable because you can specify whether or not the Ts have to freeze once or every time you tag a new spray. I don't think following a spray should be that much of a road block in the progression of each day.